Mironga (ミロンガ) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series, it appeared as an enemy mecha in Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden, however the player could acquire one for their use in both games.


The Mironga bares a resemblance to a more humanoid version of the Bartoll with a black, red and grey color scheme and a pointed head design.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

A Gestalt series mobile weapon developed to combat alien threats it was fitted with the ANM System which was developed by Dr. Wilhelm von Juergen's early days and later was revealed to be fitted with a modified version of the system called the ODE (Omni Dendro Encephalon) System which allowed the machine to perform beyond it's original specs while ignoring the dangers of such G Forces would impose to the pilot. It is fitted with a Tesla Drive and boasts higher speed and mobility then the Fairlions, as stated by Latune Subbota. Its Armaments include a Micro Missile launcher on the shoulder units, a pair TBG Missiles that can be launched from the backpack, a standard issue beam sword and a Straight Machinegun are fitted as handheld armaments. It is also able to perform a devastating combat maneuver using all its weapons called End Breaker. The Mironga would first be used in a battle to repel the Neue Divine Crusaders and later be used in a test battle against the New Aggressors. During the final battle against Kyle and his Mironga the true nature of the AMN System is revealed, the Hagane with assistance of Shu Shirakawa and his Granzon are forced to destroy the machine before it can rampage. Several more Mironga appear to challenge the Earth Forces as they try to penetrate the orbital factory Hell's Gate and again when Juergen challenges them in the Valsion Kai Type CF. Later Arco Catoir receives a Mironga to pilot. It is unknown what happens to the remaining Mironga and Bartolls at the end of the Shura Rebellion, but one can assume they were all destroyed.


Model Number: VTX-000

Height: 21.4 Meters

Weight: 41.6 Tons

Support System: AMN/ODE System

Weapon Systems:

  • Micro Missiles:
    A barrage of Missiles fired from the shoulders
  • TBG Missile:
    2 Missiles fired from the backpack
  • Beam Sword:
    A standard issue PT Beam Sword
  • Straight Machine Gun:
    A handheld Machine Gun for ranged attacks
  • End Breaker:
    A devastating high speed combat maneuver, it begins with the Mironga firing a salvo of Micro Missiles at the target then following that up with a high speed sword slashing barrage leading into a point blank assault with the Straight Machine Gun ending with another salvo of Macro Missiles.


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