Mihiro Ardygun
Super Robot Wars W character
Nicknames Mihiro
Age 10(Pre Time Skip)
11(Post Time Skip)
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Valstork crew (Trailer)
Known relatives Kazuma Ardygun (older brother)
Blessfield Ardygun (father, deceased)
Shihomi Ardygun (older sister)
Akane Ardygun (older sister)
Yuumi Ardygun (mother, deceased)
Military History
Affiliation Ardygun Family

Valstrok Group

Units Piloted Valhawk

Mihiro Ardygun is the heroine of Super Robot Wars W. She is the co-pilot of Valhawk alongside her older brother, Kazuma Ardygun, the hero of Super Robot Wars W.

She is the youngest of the Ardygun Family. She is 10 years old in chapter 1 and went to 11 in the chapter 2 of the game. Despite her age, she supports Kazuma on Valhawk as the sub-pilot, but proves capable of piloting the machine on her own. She controls the aiming and evasion programs. Her great skill in combat makes Quatre from Gundam Wing amazed in the beginning of the game.


Mihiro is the heroine of Super Robot Wars W.

Theme MusicEdit

  • Bullet Striker (Valhawk)
  • Sail on Future (Valguard and Valcazard)
  • Just One Chance (Valzacard's Exa Nova Shoot)
  • Break Through (Valguard's Cross Proton Punisher)

Skills and SpellsEdit


  • Prevail (L4)
  • Combo (L2)

Spells (as sub-pilot):

  • 1: Cheer
  • 8: Strike
  • 13: Alert
  • 24: Snipe
  • 40: Faith
  • 50: Bonds

Spells (as main pilot):

  • 1: Focus
  • 8: Strike
  • 13: Alert
  • 24: Snipe
  • 40: Faith
  • 50: Bonds

Personality And TraitsEdit

She might be very young, but she is strong willed. Mihiro is very close with Kazuma ever since he is the one who take care of her after the death of Yuumi, their mother, while everyone else are too busy. In fact, Kazuma is the closest person to her in the storyline. When disguised as Kite, Mihiro was the first person of his family member that he met and admitted that he was her brother. On the other hands, Mihiro did not want to leave his brother alone in the danger even if Kazuma told her to. Her solidarity with her brother can also be seen when she beat Kazuma all-out when he finally returned to the Ardygun family. Mihiro is a big fan of her father's cooking. She is also very kind to almost all of the guest characters in Super Robot Wars W. Mihiro doesn't want to be treated like a kid. This can be seen when Bernard (from Tekkaman Blade) teased her. Despite her cuteness, it seems that Mihiro is a vindictive. In such a young age, she planned to take revenge for the loss of her father and brother (who did not die in fact).

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Mihiro's pair of hair ribbon is actually Banpresto logo.
  • Mihiro only appeared as the main pilot of Valhawk in scenario 28. After that, she handed Valhawk's steer to Kazuma.
  • At the age of 10, Mihiro is the yougest mecha pilot in the history of Super Robot Wars so far.
  • Among all of the original female characters in Super Robot Wars W as well as Super Robot Wars J, Mihiro is the only one whose breasts are not bouncing in her attacking animation.
  • Not to mention, she looks like Melua Melna Meia from Super Robot Wars J. 
  • Mihiro is the first heroine in Super Robot Wars series whose main role is as a sub-pilot instead of main pilot. The second heroine who has a similar role is AL-3 Alice from Super Robot Wars L.