3rd Super Robot Wars character
Voiced by Akira Ishida
Nicknames Mekibos
Gender Male
Species Zuvorg
Known relatives Wendolo (Brother)
Military History
Affiliation Inspectors
Units Piloted Graterkin (3, 4, OG 2/OGs),
Liege Geios (F Final),
Graterkin II (F Final, 2nd OG)

Mekibos is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He has appeared as an enemy character in the Classic Timeline and Original Generations Timeline.


Mekibos has appeared in the following games:

Mekibos also appears in the anime Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector.

Theme MusicEdit

  • Violent Battle - Default theme in all appearances


Super Robot Taisen 3(Snes) - Final Battle Neo Granzon Transformation

Super Robot Taisen 3(Snes) - Final Battle Neo Granzon Transformation

Mekibos is one of the five Inspectors who were sent to Earth to subjugate its inhabitants from becoming a future threat to the Zuvorg Alliance. He, along with Aguija and Sikalog, would invade the Earth Federation Army-occupied White Star, then made his way to Mao Industries, hoping for a chance to hijack the prototype Huckebein MK III, only to have the staff escape with the machine.

After fighting in multiple battles with the Earthlings, and through the persuasiveness of one Irmgult Kazahara, he slowly realized that they didn't pose as great a threat as the Zuvorg originally thought. As such, he would side with the Original Generation protagonists, after failing to persuade the leader of the Inspectors, Wendolo, who was also his younger brother, to call off the invasion. Unfortunately, Wendolo anticipated his betrayal and rigged his Graterkin with an explosive device, which seemingly killed Mekibos. In the Original Generation universe, this event would occur during the protagonists' assault on the White Star.

In the Classic Timeline, the Zuvorg Council would retrieve Mekibos' body, reviving him using their advanced cybernetics. In Super Robot Wars F Final, he would be sent back to Earth to stop the Guest forces, led byTeniquette Zezernan, as the Zuvorg Council was considering to agree on an alliance with the Earth. Mekibos would succeed in his mission, and returned to report to the council. These events would then be carried on in the Original Generation universe in 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation. To make sure his mission wouldn't fail, he sent his subordinate Yong Gebana to infiltrate the Earth Federation and see Zezernan's real plans.

Mekibos would continue to support the KouRyu Sentai in their fight against the Ruina, AI1, Beral and finally Euzeth Gozzo. In The Moon Dwellers, he has remained on Earth, serving as a intermediary between the Zuvorg Alliance and Earth, while Yong joins the Steel Dragons as a member.