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This is a list of all the weapons any Real Robot (Super Robots can't equip weapons) can equip:


  • Split Missile
  • Homing Missile
  • M95 Machine Gun
  • M13 Shotgun
  • G-Revolver
  • Boosted Rifle
  • Burst Railgun
  • Mega Beam Rifle
  • Hyper Beam Rifle
  • Magna Beam Rifle
  • Double Magna Rifle
  • Photon Rifle
  • Mega Beam Cannon
  • Steel Knife
  • Assault Blade
  • Divine Blade
  • Shishioh Blade
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Plasma Slicer
  • Beam Sword
  • Beam Gladius
  • Roche Saber
  • Slash Ripper
  • Chakram Caster
  • Remote Slasher
  • Graviton Cannon
  • Repair Module
  • Supply Module
  • Energy Taker
  • Energy Drain
  • Spirit Taker
  • Spirit Drain
  • Spider Net
  • Armor Breaker
  • Chaff Grenade
  • Jam Grenade

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