The Liege Geios (ライグ=ゲイオス) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series.

It appears in 4th Super Robot Wars, Super Robot Wars F, Super Robot Wars F Final and in the Original Generation series since 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation and one can be unlocked for player use since Super Robot Wars Original Generation Dark Prison.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

The Leige Geios is a machine used by the Guest forces during the invasion of Earth, it is the successor to the Geios Guld and is mainly use by commanders, it is heavily armored and has a number of powerful weapon at its disposal. Its armaments include Barrel Missile salvos in its shoulders, a Long Laser Sword for melee combat, a chest mounted Large Barrel Beam Cannon, Driver Cannons and the powerful Giga Blaster.

The first time this unit would be seen is during the first campaign against the earthlings piloted by Zebris "Zeb" Forschwa, however he is defeated when the members of the KouRyu Sentai who had been summoned to La Gias returned to assist The New Aggressors and the Kurogane crew. The next time it would appear would be after Earth is sealed by the Ruina, this time Grofis "Rof" Lacrein would pilot it against the Hagane's crew.

While rescuing Rof from Zezenan's attempt to silence him, Selena Recital and Elma would capture one of these units for their use. This unit is used by Bioroids in the final battle against Zezenan's forces at the Moon Cradle and when Shu's party attempts to drive back Kebarok's massive Uyudalo Class Suppression Battleship.


Height: 22.9 Meters

Weight: 41.5 Tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Barrel Missile
    Fires the missile salvos in its shoulders.
  • Long Laser Sword
    The handheld sword used by Liege Geios, it's swung with such force that it knocks back the target.
  • Large Barrel Beam Cannon
    The covering on the Liege Geios's chest opens and a barrel extends and fires a powerful blue beam at it's target.
  • Driver Cannon
    The 2 massive EM cannons on the back of the Liege Geios fires powerful solid rounds at the target.
  • Giga Blaster
    Liege Geios discharges energy from various ports on its from and gathers it in front of it and then fires it.

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