Lefina Enfield
Super Robot Wars character
Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of birth 160 (S.E)
Military History
Affiliation Earth Federation Army
Rank Captain
Units Piloted Hiryuu Custom OG1/OG2/OGs)

Lefina Enfield is a captain of the Earth Federation Forces spaceship Hiryuu Custom, making her first appearance in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation.


Lefina was a top-graduate of Icarus Base's Space Cadet School at the age of 19, being the youngest ship captain in the Earth Federation army. Initially lacking confidence in her ability to command, she eventually realizes (after some convincing by Eun Hyojin), that she is qualified enough for it. Lefina is backed up by constant support of Hiryuu's executive officer Sean Webley.

Lefina is qualified for her position, but she is very clumsy and somewhat "ditzy" concerning topics outside of her duties. She was one of the few people who seemed genuinely fooled by Elzam von Branstein alias "Ratsel Feinschemecker" in the second game. In one of the first two games, she once appears on the bridge still in her nightgown holding an oversized stuffed lion plushie, and for the duration of the battle her cut in portraits reflect this.

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