Kreuz Wahrheit (クロイツ・ヴァールハイト) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series, it appears as both an Enemy Mecha and Playable Mecha in Super Robot Wars GC and its remake Super Robot Wars XO.


Technical And HistoricalEdit

Sally Emil's personal CIS unit developed with close combat in mind but can still handle longe range combat, it is equipped with a Long Rifle and Twin Cannon for long range combat and Shadow Blades for close combat, it is capable of the Flashing Assault combat maneuver where it summons a large lance to impale its foes after immobilizing them. It can also preform a tandem combat maneuver with Seig Altreet's Cloud Haken called Panzer Kyle. Kreuz Wahrheit would clash against Akimi Akatsuki and his/her mecha (chosen by the player) several times.


Kreuz Wahrheit:

Height: 32 Meters

Weight: 162 Tons

Support System: Dimension Gate Opener (Test Model)

Pilot: Sally Emil


  • Long Rifle::
    Kreuz Wharheit fires a massive blast from it's handheld rifle.
  • Shadow Blade:
    2 Long Katanas Kreuz Wahrheit uses to slash enemies
  • Twin Cannon
    2 Cannons mounted to Kreuz Wharheit's backpack, when fired a cross shaped sigil appears in front of Kreuz Wharheit.
  • Flashing Assault:
    Kreuz Wharheit summons a large spear and fires a wave of energy to immobilize the target and rushes full speed through it.
  • Panzer Kyle:
    Kreuz Wharheit's combination attack with Cloud Harken, Cloud Haken leads off with Lighting Assault and Kreuz Wharheit follows up by slashing the target with Shadow Blade.


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