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Kouji Kabuto

Koji Kabuto (兜 甲児 Kabuto Kôji?, also written as Kouji Kabuto) is a fictional character featured in the works of manga artist Go Nagai. He is the main character of the Super Robot series Mazinger Z and pilots the title robot. He reappears in the sequel Great Mazinger and helps battle the Mikene Empire. He also features in UFO Robot Grendizer as Duke Fleed's friend and sidekick.

He is voiced by veteran seiyuu Hiroya Ishimaru and has appeared in many other series. He is considered one of the stalwarts of the Super Robot Wars and appeared in nearly every incarnation. In True Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!, his voice is played by Kenji Akabane.

Biography Edit

Kouji was an ordinary High School Student who lived with his little brother Shiro and his grandfather Juzo after their parents' death. All of it changed when he was sixteen and his grandfather was murdered by Dr. Hell. Dr. Kabuto revealed Mazinger Z to him and requested him to save the world from Dr. Hell. Kouji vowed he would avenge his grandfather's death and fulfill his last wish.

Kouji was an atypical main character back then: although he was a mostly good person, he might be rude, insensitive and even somewhat of a jerkass when he was angry, sexist and the poster boy for Idiot Hero given his tendencies to be loudmouthed, talking without thinking, acting BEFORE and INSTEAD of thinking and being very hotheaded and stubborn. However he was also compassionate, caring, friendly, self-sacrificing, cared greatly for his friends and fought for them-– even though he constantly teased Sayaka and Boss— and he was utterly hot-blooded.

His character evolved and developed somewhat along the series. His blatant sexism and his impulsive tendencies mellowed down a bit (it is telltale in Great Mazinger, he was the one recommended using planning and strategy for fighting the Mykene when Tetsuya wanted nothing else than blowing them up to pieces). He also grew up and matured, and his main motivation to fight Dr. Hell became protecting people instead of petty revenge. Although he refused giving up, he was more willing to follow orders and retreat to reevaluate the situation and fight back than his successor, Tetsuya. However, in the movie Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness he refused giving up and backing down, even though he knew he could not win.

Great Mazinger and UFO Robot GrendizerEdit

After the end of Mazinger Z, Koji and Sayaka traveled to USA to learn about UFO technology. They returned at the end of Great Mazinger to help to defeat the Mykene Empire. After managing to design and build the first UFO build on Earth, and hearing about plenty reports of UFO sightings, Kouji returned to Japan to join the Space Science Laboratory. He dreamed about being the first human being to make a First Contact, and help to establish a peaceful relationship between Earth and other planets.

Back on Japan, he met Dr. Umon, his son and Makiba family. Dr. Umon and Daisuke tried to hint the aliens *might* not be friendly, but he did not listen. After being rescued by Grendizer and learn about Daisuke's true identity and past, he vowed to support him.


The OVA follows Kouji Kabuto, Tetsuya Tsurugi and the rest of the "Mazinger Team" as they fight against Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts. An army of machines, led by Baron Ashura, defeats Kouji's Mazinger Z and Tetsuya's Great Mazinger. In the aftermath, Kouji stumbles upon a forgotten laboratory. Inside, he finds Mazinkaiser, the most powerful robot ever built. The series chronicles Kouji's experience with the machine as he copes with Kaiser's power while defeating Dr. Hell's forces.

Shin MazingerEdit

After the death of his parents, Koji works hard as the 'Mother Hen' to the surviving members of his family - his brother Shiro, and his grandfather Juzo. Koji has a high regard for his grandfather, whose patented inventions were the source of the Kabuto family's income and shows zero tolerance to anyone who ever insults his grandfather. During the primary attack of Ashura Corps., Koji becomes the pilot of his grandfather's greatest invention - the Super Robot Mazinger Z.

Role in Super Robot WarsEdit

Alpha SeriesEdit

In one stage of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, Loran and Milia bring out their mechs to do laundry since the Argamma's washing machines are broken. And then Kouji brings out the Mazinger Z to dry it with Breast Fire. One of the girls comments that he "would make a good bride," but he manages to scorch some of the laundry. Perhaps it's just as well that no one ever tries to make clothes for the Valsione.

One time, Tetsuya got brainwashed by the Mycene Empire. After a tough fight, Kouji manages to talk some sense into Tetsuya and breaks Tetsuya's brainwashing.

On Space Route Mission 36 (Shin Getter Robo, Stolen!): Kouji Kabuto convinces the Eisia excavation team to escape as part of his plan...then reveals to Gorgon that the plan's entirety was them escaping and him acting as their shield. Cue cliffhanger. Then Tetsuya Rocket Slaps him back to reason after freeing him from a Mechasaurus horde, and Mazinkaiser ensues.

In a Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden manga which depicts the first part of the raid on the Earth Cradle, Mazinkaiser fights Thrudgelmir. While the whole battle is insanely awesome (this is Sanger), the one scene that takes the freaking cake is when Sanger has lost his Zankantou and the Thrudgelmir's arms. Mazinkaiser goes up to the Thrudgelmir to finish it off. What does Sanger do? He headbutts Kaiser's head with the Thrudgelmir's horn. This maims Mazinkaiser's head off (barely missing Kouji's piloting block). It's a badass moment for both men involved. Mostly because while Sanger's slamming the horn into Mazinkaiser's pilder, Kouji is driving a Turbo Smasher Punch through Thrud's chest. AND NEITHER OF THEM STOP until both have smashed through their targets. Conclusion: Thrudgelmir with a huge hole in its torso, and Mazin Kaiser minus most of the pilder (and a very lucky Kouji).

Super Robot Wars DEdit

Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi quickly develop grudges against Ignis when he blatantly reveals that he killed Professor Kabuto during the Ruina's assault on the Scientific Fortress.

Kouji also helps out Duke Fleed with beating the Gishin Empire.

Super Robot Wars MXEdit

Duke and Grendizer have their work cut out for them when the Vegans not only kidnap and mind-control Kouji but they have also stolen Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger from the robot museum.

With the odds stacked against him, Duke manages to put up a good fight and eventually breaks Kouji of his mind control. With their combined might, Duke and Kouji are able to save Great Mazinger from Vegan control. With Kouji freed from Vegan mind-control, he decides to pilot Mazinger Z for the rest of the game.

After trapping the Dragonsaurus, Miku is successful in rescuing Boss from the belly of the beast. With Boss safe and sound, the Dynamic team gets fired up and proceeds to lay the smackdown on the Dragonsaurus.

Super Robot Wars WEdit

Kouji is forced to fight everyone as Baron Ashura has kidnapped Sayaka. Notice that pretty much everyone on your team has special quotes and lines when fighting Mazinger Z. After laying waste to Mazinger Z, Kouji decides to self-destruct Mazinger Z in order to take out Ashura and seemingly dies.

Later on, Mazinkaiser appears with an unconsious Kouji in the Pilder, Shin Getter appears to stop Mazinkaiser, Mazinkaiser goes berserk but Kouji awakens and he and Tetsuya destroy Ashura's Ghoul together. Ashura returns in the Ashura Mazinger, the original Mazinger Z with Dr Hell remodeling and all Go Nagai Hell breaks lose.

During the infiltration of Bardos, Venus A becomes infected and falls into enemy hands. Kouji has no choice but to fight Dr Hell's Army alone in order to rescue Sayaka who has become a hostage. He manages to save Sayaka but is no match for the sheer amount of enemies to fight. Tetsuya appears in the completed Great Mazinger with reinforcements and Mazinkaiser finally receives the Kaiser Scrander and the BGM "Mazin Kenzan" starts playing which really gets the blood pumping. The alliance between Dr Hell and Sadack is broken and the only enemies left standing are Baron Ashura in the Lord of Hell Gordon and a few Mechanical Beasts. But even they won't last long against such firepower.

After fighting Gimlet during a vacation in France, the Mikene empire soon arrives and Mazinger Z gets damaged quite badly. Shirou appears with the Mazinkaiser but Gorgon arrives from out of nowhere and takes Shirou hostage. Kouji and Mazinger Z are quickly dispatched by the Great General Of Darkness and our team is forced to retreat.

After regrouping, the final battle with the Mikene Empire begins. First up, Kouji manages to not only stab and injure Gorgan, saves Shirou, regains the Mazinkaiser but also manages to unlock the full power of Mazinkaiser which also awakens Shin Getter's full power at the same time. This enables Mazinkaiser to have access to the Kaiser Nova(not seen in the OVA) while Shin Getter gets the Shin Shine Spark. With the combined might of the Mazinger Army + Shin Getter + Mazinkaiser + Great Mazinger + Boss Borot, the Mikene Empire and their fearless Generals are finished. We are also treated to a very awesome Final Dynamic Special at the end which would move Go Nagai and any of his fans to tears whenever any of them watches it.

Theme MusicEdit

  • Mazinger Z: Used when piloting Mazinger Z in most games.
  • Bokura no Mazinger: Used when piloting Mazinger Z in Super Robot Wars MX
  • Z no Theme: Used when piloting Mazinger Z in Super Robot Wars Destiny
  • Fire Wars: Used when piloting Mazinger Z and Mazinkaiser in games featuring Mazinkaiser OVA
  • Mazin Kenzan: Used when piloting Mazinkaiser with Kaiser Scrander in games featuring Mazinkaiser OVA
  • Kanjite Knight: Used when piloting Mazinger Z in Super Robot Wars Z2
  • The Guardian: Used when piloting Mazinger Z with the God Scrander in Super Robot Wars Z II, Super Robot Wars Z III, Super Robot Wars BX, and Super Robot Wars V. Also used when piloting Mazinger ZERO in Super Robot Wars V.