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A fictional character in the Gundam universe. He is the main protagonist of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and an important character in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Kira is a first-generation Coordinator.At the beginning of Gundam SEED, Kira lives on the neutral space colony Heliopolis to avoid the Bloody Valentine War. An expert in computer science,he assists with research and development at the Heliopolis technical college he attended. In both Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, his friendship with Athrun Zala forms one of the main themes of the story.

Fighting and piloting skills Edit

While lacking any true form of military training, Kira's fighting prowess has developed much as the series progresses. In the original Gundam SEED series, Kira is shown to be inexperienced with handguns, preferring not to use them. He even has to be reminded by Mu to remove the safety on his gun in episode 44 while in pursuit of Rau on Mendel station. He is shown as a skilled unarmed fighter, however, and is extremely effective with his mobile suit's artillery. In Gundam Seed Destiny, his handgun skills improve dramatically as seen in the second assassination attempt on Lacus Clyne.

His implied status as a person with high spatial awareness ability also has an impact on his fighting abilities.

In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 Edit

Kira is one of the Gundam SEED characters who appears in the Super Robot Wars Alpha finale - Super Robot Wars Alpha 3: To the edge of the galaxy. While his stats are boosted once he goes into SEED mode at 140 morale, compared to Newtype ace pilots like Kamille Bidan and Judau Ashta, who normally have superior skills, he has higher aiming and dodging ability in his SEED mode, though only coming close to Amuro Ray's. This trait is evened out once the Newtypes undergo the Newtype flash.

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  • Typically in SRW Games, Kira has a hidden unique mechanic. He has slightly slower Morale gain, via he does not gain bonus morale for defeating an enemy. This is reference to his 'No-Kill' rule. Compensation for this weakness is higher base stats than many other characters in his tier. This is in reference to his status as the Ultimate Coordinator, the perfectly crafted super human.

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