King Of Braves GaoGaiGar is an anime series that ran in 1998.The story revolves around a cyborg named Gai Shishioh who battles mechanoid aliens called Zonders.Gai is able to perform Fusion with the mecha-lion Galeon to create GaiGar.He is then able to perform Final Fusion,after getting approval from Chief Taiga,and combine with the 3 GaoMachines,Liner Gao,Drill Gao,and Stealth Gao to create GaoGaiGar.His finishing move,Hell and Heaven,allows him to tear out the Zonder Cores from the enemy Zonder.However,it took a huge toll on Guy's body and was replaced with Hammer Hell and Heaven,which is performed when he replaces his right arm with the Marg Arm,which is created when Goldymarg transforms and his head separates to form the Goldion Hammer.GaoGaiGar's other weapons include Protect Shade,which is done when GaoGaoGai creates a barrier with his left hand,and if an attack hits the barrier,a pentagram will form and reflect the attack back at the enemy.Broken Magnum is when he fires off his right arm while it spins around.The Dividing Driver is a tool that connects with his left arm and allows him to create a dimensional field that pushes back everything around it.The Dimensional Pliers,made out of DP-01,DP-02,and DP-03 allow him to fix holes in time and space.As the story goes on,HyoRyu and EnRyu are created,who can perform Symmetrical Docking when their SympaRate goes to 100% and create ChoRyuJin.Volfogg appears later in the series,who can combine with GunGlue and GunDober to create Big Volfogg.In America,NASA created Mic Sounders,who appears to be a clumsy robot that can System Change into Mic Sounders XIII,who is a rocker.In China,FuRyu and RaiRyu were created,who can perform Symmetrical Docking when their SympaRate goes up to 100% and create GekiRyuJin.

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