The Jumorah

Jumorah (ジュモーラ) is a fictional giant robot featured in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears in 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha as an enemy mecha.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Jumorah is a Psychodriver use unit developed for the use of Etzira Torah, being as such it's possible that this machine is equipped with the Karkaria Pulse Transmission system. It is equipped with a large sword that also serves as a medium for powerful telekinetic attacks, the sword can also extend when used for melee attacks. In the 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha the Jumorah would appear to fight against the Alpha Numbers in several occasions, Its last battle against them would be in the space around the Balmar homeworld where it would be defeated in battle with the fully powered SRX Altered Banpreios.  It would later be destroyed by Keisar Ephes.


Height: 44.2 Meters

Weight: 145.3 Tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Aur Asher:
    Levitating it sword in front of it Jumorah generates several energy spheres that fire a multitude of beams at the target.
  • Hadd Lamed:
    Flying forward at high speed Jumorah readies its sword which extends and slashes its target 3 times.
  • Meth Neshika:
    Jumorah charges a huge amount of energy into the Pommel of its sword and throws it at its target which is then annihilated by the massive energy storm.
  • Mavet Mesibah:
    Jumorah levitates its sword in front of it and charges a massive amount of energy into the pommel then sends it flying upwards, the sword then comes flying down and plunges into the ground and erupts in a violent explosion, afterwords the sword flies back to Jumorah.

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