Judau Ashta (ジュドー・アーシタ ,Judō Āshita?, pronounced "Judo") is the 14 year old hero in the television series Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

He is a rather typical of a Gundam protagonist, the beginning of the series shows him growing as a poor junk dealer at the space colony of Shangrila in Side 1. He's rather loudmouthed and straightfoward but has a good heart and displays Newtype abilities. Unlike most Gundam protagonists, he is optimistic and happy-go-lucky, instead of being anti-social or brooding (Amuro Ray and Kamille Bidan being prime examples). Judau is a young teenage boy enthralled with mobile suits and an avid supporter of the AEUG. He also has a younger sister Leina, whom he might catfight repeatedly with, but still cares very deeply for.

It would be interesting to note that in comparison to Amuro and Kamille, the heroes of Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, respectively, that he didn't develop any latent skills in his first battle. He piloted the Zeta Gundam very poorly his first outing, and on several sortee's after, he didn't show much improvement until a few episodes into the series. Still, he is able to reach a peak that puts him in a prime candidacy for top-notch pilots like Amuro, Kamille, and Char, more-over in the tail-end of the category, however. Nonetheless, he was -still- a very great pilot, and a necessity for the AEUG in order to fight the first Neo-Zeon movement, led by Haman Karn

Judau appears as a playable character in every Super Robot Wars title that includes Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, with the ΖΖ Gundam as his default unit, though he can be reassigned to another Universal Century Gundam unit if the player desires. Much to his chagrin (and that of his companions), Leina often rushes onto the battlefield at one point or another in order to help her brother out of a tight spot, effectively turning herself into a child soldier in the process and placing yet another burden on the team (for example, at one point in Super Robot Wars F Final, when Judau is forced to pilot an MS-05 Zaku I in order to assist Elle in a fight against a horde of enemies led by Bask Om and Drake Luft, if the player chooses the Nahal Argama as the mothership for the level, Leina, disobeying Bright Noa's orders to stay put, sorties in the ZZ Gundam, and eventually, Judau reluctantly allows her to fight while she gets close enough for an on-site transfer to take place before she leaves). She speaks frantically during battle animations, understandably due to complete inexperience at combat. Judau,and Roux are both playable characters in the game Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Judau can be played with from the start and original mode by the completion of his official mode missions and Roux can be unlocked through the completion of Judau's Original mode.Judau can pilot both the Zeta and ZZ Gundam with Roux Louka piloting the Zeta Gundam.Elle Viano and Beecha oleg are Support pilots in both Judau's Official mode and original mode missions and Roux's origanal mode missions.

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