Joshua Radcliffe
Super Robot Wars D character
Img chara15 in chara
Voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura
Gender Male
Species Human
Known relatives Cliana Rimskaya (adoptive sister),
Felio Radcliff (father)
Military History
Affiliation League Militarie (D)

Blue Swear (D)
Steel Dragon Squad (2ndOG, OGTMD)

Rank Ex-Soldier
Units Piloted Aile Chevalier,

Geant Chevalier,
Forte Gigas

Joshua "Josh" Radcliffe is the main male character in Super Robot Wars D. Both in his debut game as in Original Generation Timeline he pilots Geant Chevalier and Forte Gigas.

Appearances Edit

Joshua has appeared in the following games:


  • Destiny - Used when piloting Ganador or Forte Gigas
  • Desire - Used when piloting Aile Chevalier or Geant Chevalier
  • Drumfire - Used when he performs ultimate attack.


Super Robot Wars DEdit

Joshua is the protagonist of SRW Destiny.  He worked for the League Militaire and fought the Zanscare Empire many times, but retired from combat. He respects his father, Felio Radcliff, but at one point, he disliked Felio for focusing on his work too much. This retirement from combat will not last, as the Invaders attacked en masse and attacked the base. After stopping the Invaders, he can use the escape pods or check on his father.

If Joshua uses the escape pods, he ends up working with the League Militaire again since they are stuck on the Sealed Earth. Eventually, Joshua encounters Ignis, who revealed that he killed Dr. Kabuto and beat up the two Mazingers during their last encounter. If Joshua checks on his father, he ends up in outer space and has to work with Neo Zeon.

They end up teaming up with the Cosmo Crusher and the Battle 7 crews to fight off the alien invaders. After a while, the League Militaire and Neo Zeon end up working together. During a battle against the Human/Invader hybrids, Ignis showed up because of the team's despair. One time, Joshua encountered Glacies during a fight and their minds began to connect. Joshua can head to Jupiter to stop the invaders and rescue Judau and Ru or participate in the Keilas Guilie capture plan and stop the Zanscare and Gishin Empires. 

Upon learning that Felio released the Ruina and indirectly causing the sealing of the Earth, he becomes more determined to stop the Ruina. During the game, he may recruit the Ruina general of ice, Glacies; if he does this, Cliana will leave the party. If he doesn't recruit Glacies, she will try to kill Joshua, but Rim will rescue Joshua and Glacies will die in the process. After a few battles with the assorted foes, Joshua can go to the Elios Empire to free said Empire or go to the Angel Halo to stop the mass brainwashing.

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation Edit

His story stays the same, although he is best friends with Hugo Medio. He will always recruit Glacies and Cliana stays him at the expense of Chris. He learns about Glacies's limited time on the planet and tries to research the Crossgate with Gilliam after Euzeth bites the dust in the True Ending.

He pilots either the Aile Chevalier which upgrades into Geant Chevalier) or the Ganador (combines with the Strega into the Forte Gigas). He can pilot the other mecha, but these two are generally accepted as his default. Joshua appears in 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation with his default mecha as the Aile Chevalier. He eventually gets the Geant Chevalier. He will also get the Forte Gigas if these conditions are followed: Joshua and Rim get 70+ kills during the game (they have to be earned the hard way), they have to fight Aquila on Scenario 46, and they must not get into a fight during Scenario 47 while obtaining the SR point within 6 turns.


  • Joshua's new concept art is done by Miho Itoi.  The original artwork for Joshua was done by Sachie Suzuki.
  • Naturally, Kyosuke and Joshua have a chat about their personalities are similar during a save-quit intermission skit.

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