Ismile is a fictional robot from the Super Robot Wars series, it appears as an enemy mecha in the Masou Kishin series.


Technical and HistoricalEdit

The "17th Masouki" of Langran developed for the defense of Langran, it is blessed with the protection of the high rank earth spirit Darkness.
It boasts power and capabilities surpassing Duraxyll and Eulid as well as massive regenerative capability to the point where its parts must be scattered in order to stop it.
It's armaments include the wide area Big Bang Wave, the arm mounted Prismatic Blade, as well as firing a cursed wave known as Karz, rounding out its formidable weaponry are the powerful Buster Cannon and the devastating Omega Blast which is capable of blowing away most anything with a single shot.
While it was originally developed for the defense of Langran it was left incomplete due to political reasons but after the destruction of Langran the government wanted it finished, and while Wendy Lasm Ikunart refused her dead twin sister Tudy was able to borrow Wendy's body and finish it.
The Ismile would be fielded against the Masou Kishin team either by Tudy herself or Lasetse Novaste however it would ultimately be destroyed.


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Armor Material: Orichalconium

Main Power Source: "Furukaneri" Class Eternal Engine

Pilot: Tudy Lasm Ikunart/Lasetse Novaste


  • Big Bang Wave:
    Unleashes a devastating blast that destroys everything around Ismile.
  • Plasmatic Blade
    Charges its arm blade with Prana slashes its target in half.
  • Karz:
    Ismile draws 2 dark circles and fires them at the target.
  • Buster Cannon
    Ismile fires powerful beam shots from the cannons on its back.
  • Omega Blast
    Ismile's ultimate weapon, Ismile summons 2 Earth circles and loads them into its cannons, it then fires 2 blasts that spiral towards the target and obliterates it in a massive explosion.


Video GalleryEdit

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