Ing Wish
Lost Children character
Voiced by Hiroshi Okamoto (japanese)
Gender Male
Species Machinery Children/Balmarian Clone
Known relatives Egret Feff (Creator)
Ingram Prisken (Older brother and Origin)
Military History
Affiliation Alpha Numbers (Lost Children),
Steel Dragon Squad (2ndOG)
Rank N/A
Units Piloted Huckebein MK-II (Lost Children),
Bergelmir (Lost Children),
R-Blade Custom (2ndOG),
Exbein "Ashe" (2ndOG),
EX Exbein (2ndOG, OGTMD)

Ing Wish (formerly Ing Egret) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He is the last of Machinery Children and one of Ingram Prisken clones. He pilots the EX Exbein in the Original Generation Timeline.


Ing has appeared in the following games:

Ing has also a protagonist role in Lost Children manga (sequel of 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha)

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Alpha TimelineEdit

Ing awoke after Gan Eden's defeat, and found himself within a badly damaged Huckebein MK-II. He had no idea who he was, or where he had come from. He soon found himself under attack from various units that were part of the Alpha Numbers that fought in the future. Once they saw his face, they realized he was one of the Huckebein MK-II pilots, and kept calling him by Egret, his creator's name.

After receiving much damage to his machine, his inner self awoke which resulted both his senses and fighting skill were reached at the highest level , and he were capable to calculate an escape route in a emergency situation. He managed to hold back the Alpha Numbers that were attacking him, and he used a Fuel station as a decoy when The  Alpha Numbers were despreate to kill him. As resulted their attack caused a big explosion allowing him to get off of their radar and escaped.

After he awoke from the explosion, he found himself under the care of former members of the Alpha Numbers that fought against Gan Eden. They gave him a place to rest and fed him. While there, he told them about his situation, and about how they kept referring to him as Egret, which shocked them a bit.

Their place was soon under attack by mysterious soldiers, whose goal was to find Ing. His newfound friends began fighting back, but Bergelmirs appeared and started causing even more trouble. Ing managed to take out one of the pilots, and stole his machine, while saving his friends with it. He damaged one of the enemy's masks, and was shocked to see that the pilot looked just like him.

After the enemies retreated, he received the location of the Earth Cradle from his new friends. He then left on journey to find out the truth about his existence.

Original Generation TimelineEdit

In this timeline, Ing Egret is not only a Machinery Child: he's a clone of Ingram Plisken. This is why Euzeth Gozzo absorbs him in the final scenario of the Second Original Generation, in hopes to take a sample of Ingram's DNA. Most people have inferred that Egret Fehu was working for Euzeth all along, just like Nibhal Mubhal has been doing since the very beginning.