Ibis Douglas
2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha character
Voiced by Akeno Watanabe (Japanese)
Nicknames Silver Shooting Star
Gender Female
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Test Pilot
Military History
Affiliation Alpha Numbers (2nd@, 3rd@),
Project Terrestrial Dream (2nd@, OG2. OGs, OGG, 2ndOG, OGTMD),
Divine Crusaders (Divine Wars)
Rank N/A
Mobile Weapons Altairion (2nd@, 3rd@, 2ndOG),
Hyperion (2nd@, 3rd@, 2ndOG, OGTMD),
Calion Unit 04 (OG2, OGs),
Astelion (OG2, OGs),
Astelion AX (OGs, OGG)

Ibis Douglas (アイビス・ダグラス) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In both the Alpha and Original Generation timelines, she pilots the Hyperion, along with Tsugumi Takakura and Sleigh Presty.

Ibis' name is most likely derived from the same-named family of birds and the Douglas Aircraft Company.


Ibis has appeared in the following games:

Ibis has also made a brief cameo appearance in the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, and was a central character to the plot of the Original Generation audio drama.

Theme MusicEdit

  • Ryusei, Yoru wo Kirisaite (Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night; retitled Shooting Stars in the English language version of Original Generation 2) - Default theme in Alpha 2/3, used when piloting the Astelion in OG2/OGs/OG Gaiden
  • Ryusei, Yoru wo Kirisaite Ver. H (Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night Ver. H) - Used when piloting the Hyperion

Personality And TraitsEdit

Ibis Douglas is somewhat introverted, often preferring the company of her long-time friend, Tsugumi Takakura, but makes a habit of speaking her mind. She has a tendency to drive people away from her, especially if they begin to inquire about her and her past. Ibis suffers from low self-confidence and an inferiority complex. As such, one could very well say that Ibis is her own worst enemy. However, this also means that Ibis' personal triumphs become more significant. Compared to the already legendary Sanger Zonvolt, the consistent Kusuha Mizuha, and the straight-forward Arado Balanga, Ibis undergoes the most dramatic emotional and psychological development over the course of the events of Super Robot Wars Alpha 2. Beneath her brooding exterior, Ibis is a kind person with a soft spot for children and a sweet tooth for cheesecake. She has learned to put a great deal of trust in those who join her in battle, and to support them in any way she can. Striving towards her dream, Ibis fights for a peaceful world where others are free to follow their own dreams. In combat, she often utters the phrase "Yatte miseru!" (やってみせる!), meaning "I'll show you I can do it!"

In relation to other mecha anime characters, Ibis can be considered analogous to Amuro Ray of Mobile Suit Gundam fame. The color of her machines are predominantly white, similar to the RX-78-2 Gundam, the machine that Amuro first uses. Her Calion unit and the Astelion also have a color scheme that closely resembles the Nu Gundam. Ibis' character has many similarities to that of Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster. Compared to other Banpresto Original characters, Ibis is notable for being one of the few females whose battle cut-in animation lacks a "bounce," standing in stark contrast to the other Alpha 2 heroines Kusuha and Seolla. Comical fan works often depict Ibis as being insecure about her chest size because of this, and sometimes it turns into a joke that Ibis is flat-chested, and the Original Generation 2 translation had Tsugumi refer Ibis as 'flat as a surfboard' (in truth, she was at best B-Cup). On the other hand, this more serious treatment of her character contributed to her popularity among fans, as seen when she was voted champion of the 2006 RPG Saimoe Tournament.


Ibis Douglas was born in America, growing up in Chelsea, Manhattan. Ever since she was a little girl, she had a dream of traveling to the stars. Luckily, her dreams came true when she was selected to be one of the test pilots for Project Terrestrial Dream (Project TD), a small wing of the Divine Crusaders run by Filio Presty. Filio selected her because he could see her great potential as a pilot. However, Project TD also involved the military application of the high-performance machines it was developing, making Ibis undergo combat training for the DC's standard-issue Armored Modules. She did not take this very well, and it was here that she earned her nickname, the "Shooting Star", in reference to the numerous times she was shot down. Later, she would combine this name with the tone of her units' custom coloration to create her formal alias, Silver Shooting Star. During training, she was often reprimanded by the group's resident ace, Sleigh Presty, but this was balanced by Filio and Tsugumi's support. Despite knowing that Tsugumi and Filio were a couple, Ibis developed something of an infatuation for her superior and mentor.

Alpha SeriesEdit

In the Alpha universe, with the chaos caused by the Aerogater invasion of Earth, Project TD needed time to regroup. Once development continued, the project's two main prototypes, the Altairion and Vegalion, were created. Ibis was selected as the pilot of the former; Sleigh, the latter. Tsugumi would act as Ibis' co-pilot and navigator, who would monitor the mech's systems and load the data required for the timing of the Altairion's attack patterns. For the final phase of testing, the Project moved to a facility on the Moon. During a test of performing the Altairion's most complex attack pattern, Maneuver GRaMXs, Ibis lost control of the machine. The out-of-control mech crashed into where Filio was observing, killing him and leaving Ibis and Tsugumi devastated. Sleigh disappeared with the Vegalion, and with its leader dead, Project TD ceased all activity. The shock of this event caused Ibis to repress her memories of it, with vivid nightmares keeping the truth just beyond her reach. Despite the loss of her lover, Tsugumi remained with Ibis to help her recover. Bringing the Altairion with them, the pair set up shop as a space transport service out of Von Braun City.

As various factions in space began to grow hostile, the pair's situation became tense and it became more difficult to move around. One day, while their shuttle was on route to deliver cargo to a customer that only provided their innitials, B.R., they were attacked by Cosmo Babylonia forces, forcing them to launch the Altairion in self-defense. As luck would have it, B.R. was none other than Bera Ronah, who arrived on-scene with the recently-formed Crossbone Vanguard. Ibis and Tsugumi assisted them in capturing the flagship Babylonia Vanguard, which would soon be renamed "Mother Vanguard." Choosing to stay with the space pirates, they eventually linked up with the Londo Bell Task Force from the Balmar War, forming the Alpha Numbers. During one particular mission, they rescue a mysterious young girl named Irui, becoming her impromptu foster family. Ibis and Irui become close, and Irui gives Ibis her pendant after seeing how Mikoto Utsugi gave a pendant to Guy Shishioh, Guy having been an aspiring astronaut as well.

Despite knowing that she was fighting for an honorable cause, Ibis' internal doubt and grief caused her many problems, which are brought to the forefront when Sleigh suddenly reappears, seeking to capture the Altairion for her own use and enact revenge on Ibis for the death of Filio. Ibis would fend off Sleigh multiple times, forcing her to confront her own demons and bringing out the best of her combat ability, unlocking and perfecting Maneuver GRaMXs. In a final duel, Ibis makes a wager with Sleigh: if she loses, she will give up the Altairion; if she wins, Sleigh will have to hear her out. Ibis wins, and the two rivals combine their machines into the Hyperion to combat interrupting Neo Zeon forces. With Filio's true legacy finally realized, Ibis uses her full skill to assist the Alpha Numbers' cause, and attempts to rescue Irui after she is used to activate the Nashim Ganeden. In the chaos of the machine god's destruction, Ibis is unable to find Irui and believes her to be dead. Although deeply saddened, she resolves to not let this event set her back like Filio's death, but rather to begin her journey with Tsugumi and Sleigh. She and the other Project TD members return to the Earth Sphere after war breaks out once again, rejoining the Alpha Numbers and forming a bond with newcomer Selena Recital. The renewed invasion of Balmarian forces and increasing influence of Keisar Ephes propmts Irui to reveal herself, and Ibis is relieved to find that she is alive and well.

Original Generation SeriesEdit

The Original Generation universe expands on the history leading up to Ibis and Sleigh's rivalry at the start of Alpha 2, as well as the development history of the Project TD machines. It should also be noted that Ibis's origins in Chelsea are made uncertain and unlikely, as a meteor impact devastated New York City years prior to the events of the first Original Generation game. At the beginning of Original Generation 2 Ibis and Sleigh are still in training, flying Calion prototypes. When the base where they are stationed is attacked by the Neo Divine Crusaders, Filio orders Ibis and Sleigh to flee in order to make sure the Neo Divine Crusaders don't get their hands on the prototypes. The Project TD members regroup at the Tesla Leicht Institute, but are attacked by the Inspectors, forcing them to escape once more. Sleigh's frustration with Ibis boils over, and the two enter into a dogfight. Ibis is shot down, but survives, regrouping with a transport that also escaped from Tesla Leicht. Tsugumi shows her the transformation testbed prototype, Astelion, which Filio had specifically designated for her use, and Ibis returns just in time to assist her allied pilots in counterattacking the Inspectors' Aguija. Ibis continues on with the crew and pilots aboard the Hagane and Hiryu Custom as they battle the Inspectors, Shadow-Mirror, and the Einst. After the war, she and Tsugumi return to Tesla Leicht, in order to continue improvements on the Astelion.

During the events of Original Generation Gaiden, Ibis and Tsugumi are testing an upgrade of the Astelion, called the Astelion AX, when they engaged members of the Aggressors, who were under the control of the ODE System. Alongside Brooklyn Luckfield and Kusuha Mizuha in their G-Bison and G-Raptor units, they are able to fend off the enemy long enough for Brooklyn and Kusuha to combine their machines into the Grungust Type-3. Although Ibis and company manage to break the ODE System's control over their comrades, they are captured again after the battle and made to pilot von Jurgen's Bartool mechs. While Bullet and Kusuha give chase, Ibis and Tsugumi meet up with Lune Zoldark and aid her in defending Tesla Leicht from Neo Divine Crusader units commanded by the mercenary Guarlion pilot Murata. After the timely arrival of Murata's former teacher, Rishu Togo piloting the Grungust Type-0, they are able to drive off the Neo DC. However, they are immediately attacked afterwards by a squadron of Mironga, the prototype of the Bartool. As things are looking bleak, they are saved by Masaki Andoh in his Cybuster. Following a second encounter with the Neo DC and Mironga troop, Ibis joins up with the Hagane once again in order to stop the ODE system from assimilating all of mankind. This conflict eventually escalated into the Shura Rebellion, and eventually the battle against Dark Brain, in which Ibis participated.

After these events, Ibis received the Altairion. However, before she could even test it out, Filio succumbed to his sickness, which he had hidden from everyone but Tsugumi. Ibis was distraught even further when she learned that Sleigh vanished with the Altairion's sister machine Vegalion. But even so, she continued to test on the Altairion. During a test run assisted by Raul and Fiona Gureden, Ibis was attacked by the Gaia Sabers, and from there, she spotted the Vegalion. Shortly after, Ibis was sucked into the subterranean world La Gias and helped with the civil war of Langran along with Masaki. In that world, aside of Neo DC remnants, Ibis once again spotted the Vegalion. The pilot didn't reveal its identity, but Ibis had a suspicion that it's Sleigh.

Once the Langran Civil War was over, Ibis returned to the surface and was entangled with the Kouryuu Sentai's fight against the Gaia Sabers and factions such as the Guest, Ruina and the Baral Garden. From there, Ibis eventually discovered that the pilot of Vegalion is indeed Sleigh and despite Ibis' pleas that Sleigh should return to her side, Sleigh refused, claiming that Ibis didn't deserve to inherit the Altairlion and continue Filio's dream. Around this time, Ibis also rescued a child named Irui from the rampaging JinRai robots and became a close friend to her.

Thankfully for Ibis, in the next encounter with Sleigh, Ibis managed to defeat her and convince her to fulfill Filio's dream to be able to fly through the stars, eventually forming the Hyperion.