YAM-008-HI Hyperion

The Hyperion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 and Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, and is the combination of its component machines from Project Terrestrial Dream, the Altairion and the Vegalion. The Hyperion's namesake is the Greek Titan of the same name who is associated with light and the sun.


The Hyperion’s combination is shown in Alpha 2: the Vegalion's main fuselage splits, with the cockpit sliding upwards, while it rotates its engines downward and allows the Altairion in its Doll Figure to dock along the new interior.  The Altairion rotates its lower body backwards as in Cruise Form with its legs hanging back and down, hidden from view by the Vegalion's main fuselage, with the Vegalion's engines forming a new lower body and legs, giving the general impression of additional armor added to the Altairion's body. The Vegalion’s cockpit is above the Altairion's, completely separated.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

As the culmination of Project Terrestrial Dream, the XAM-008-HI Hyperion is the ultimate space-use Armored Module. Combining the Altairion's versatility and maneuverability with the Vegalion's speed and power, the machine is more than capable of dealing with a host of enemies on its own. The Hyperion's systems are delegated between its three pilots: Ibis Douglas acts as the machine's main pilot, Tsugumi Takakura handles attack pattern data and navigation, and Sleigh Presty adjusts the output of the pair of Twin Tesla Drives. As the situation calls for it, the Hyperion can separate into its component machines and recombine on-the-fly. Although only seen in the Alpha 3 version of Maneuver GRaMXs, the Hyperion actually has an alternate mode, with the Altairion joining the Vegalion in Cruise Figure and the Vegalion retaining most of its original shape over the Altairion. Thus, the Hyperion can be said to have both a Doll Figure and Cruise Figure, with the latter most likely being its preferred configuration when travelling long distances.

The Hyperion's first combination and sortie came after Ibis and Sleigh conducted a final duel between one another, with Ibis emerging victorious. A small Neo Zeon contingent, led by Cima Garahau, appeared to prevent them from regrouping with the Alpha Numbers, who were rushing to prevent Char Aznable from dropping the Fifth Luna asteroid on Earth. In order to quickly deal with them, Tsugumi inputs Code HYPER-77, which activates the Altairion and Vegalion's combination sequence: Formation Helios (the code is perhaps a small inside joke, as Hyperion is the seventh moon of the seventh planet in the solar system).

Hyperion SpecificationsEdit

Height: 29.5 meters

Weight: 107.9 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Sonic Saber
    The Hyperion dashes towards its target, activating four energy blades from its nacelles and aligning them forward.  The blades combine into a far larger and longer blade which lances out to smash into the enemy.  In Original Generations, the Hyperion flies close to the target while impaling it on the combined blade, then swings the Vegalion and Altairion's nacelles outward in an X formation to slice the enemy four ways.
  • Twin GG Cannon
    The Hyperion fires a barrage from the Altairion’s 90mm GG Cannons and the Vegalion’s 110mm GG Cannons. The “GG” stands for “Gravity Guidance”.
  • CTM-02 Spigeaul
    The Hyperion opens up with a barrage of missiles from both its components.  In Original Generations the attack is only fired from the Vegalion's back component.
  • CTM-05 Pleiades
    The Hyperion fires a large missile upward which breaks into a barrage of smaller missiles that scatter across the battlefield. This attack targets multiple enemies.
  • CTM-07 Prominence-W
    The Hyperion fires a few missiles from its legs towards the opponent.  In Original Generations the Altairion fires the missiles from its forearms as well.
  • CTM-09 Seiphard
    The Hyperion fires two high-yield warheads from the shoulder boosters towards the opponent.
  • G-Driver X Combination
    Lowering the Vegalion's nacelles over its shoulders and raising the Altairion's nacelles to point straight ahead, the Hyperion fires the Altairion’s G-Accelerator Driver, followed by the Vegalion’s G-Brake Driver.  In Original Generations the firing order is reversed.
  • Maneuver GraMXs
    Unleashing every weapon in its arsenal, the Hyperion flies towards the opponent with a missile and bullet barrage. The second part of the attack varies depending on the game. In Alpha 2, the Hyperion flies in and unleashes a second point-blank assault with its G-Driver X Combination and GG Cannons. In Alpha 3, the Hyperion splits into its base components, then Sleigh and Ibis continue to fire with their G-Drivers and GG Cannons while closing in. When they approach the target, they charge their Sonic Sabers and reconnect, then ram the enemy in a finishing pass.  In Original Generations, the attack is completely different in execution, beginning with the Hyperion firing its GG Cannons and Seiphard missiles while flying towards the opponent at high speed, followed by a G-Driver X Combination and a round of Prominence missiles.  The Altarion purges from the Vegalion and transforms into its Cruise Form, forming a Sonic Breaker in front of it as it and the Vegalion catch up to their own missiles and fly towards the enemy using the barrage as cover.  The Altairion grazes the enemy with its Sonic Breaker and shoots upward, transforming into Doll Form and firing a barrage of Spigeaul missiles downward at the opponent while the Vegalion circles around and charges its own Sonic Breaker.  The enemy is carried away by the Vegalion in a jagged pattern as the Altairion gives chase, joining the Vegalion in a drilling pattern with their Sonic Breakers that carries them through the enemy.  The Hyperion recombines and turns to face the enemy, opening fire at point-blank with every weapon in its arsenal and flying away from the resulting explosion.

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