Hiryu custom1

Hiryu Custom (SRWOG)

Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Hiryu Kai All Attacks~02:47

Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Hiryu Kai All Attacks~

The Hiryu Custom is the Earth Federation Forces spaceship that is commanded by Lefina Enfield and sub-commanded by Sean Webley. This ship was the Hiryu before it was rebuilt as the Hiryu Custom. The ship is the home of the ATX Team.



HP 12000
EN 210
Mobility 65
Armor 1300
Type AirWtr



Name Damage Range Hit
Chaff Grenade (2 rounds) 0 1~6 +70%
AA Autocannon (40 rounds) 2000 1~2 +30%
Homing Missle (20 rounds) 2600 1~5 +45%
Long Range Missile (12 rounds) 2800 2~7 +20%
Dual Beam Cannon 3400 3~8 +15%
Gravity Cannon 4300 4~9 +15%

How to attain?Edit

Initial Unit



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