The Hermóðr-class battleship is a fictional space vessel in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as an enemy unit in Shin Super Robot Wars, Super Robot Wars Alpha and Super Robot Wars Alpha 3.


The Hermóðr-class is an unwieldy-looking warship that many players have described as a "giant sea cucumber". Its hull is a bulbous, slightly elongated gray mass, with a massive ring of crystals at the anterior end. This gave it the appearance of an alien flower, and also gave rise to its Earth Federation codename, Green Flower. While the colors of the crystals may vary depending on which of Balmar's seven fleet admirals commanded it, the one that was first seen by Earth was colored green.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

Each of the seven units of the Ze Balmary Imperial Fleet is commissioned a single Hermóðr battleship, which serves as its flagship. Strictly speaking, each Hermóðr is more of a gigantic, mobile colony than a ship.


On its own, the Hermóðr is a ponderous mass of weaponry and defense systems. Its main gun, the Legion Buster, is an immensely powerful particle beam cannon that has been known to obliterate Earth colonies in a single shot. It mounts various smaller-scale weapons for engaging different types of enemies at closer ranges while the Legion Buster recharges.

For defense, the Hermóðr projects a Gravity Territory, a dense area of gravity-distorted space that can bend incoming enemy attacks away from the mother unit. The entire ship is also heavily armored, and its sheer size can be considered a defense, due to the vast amount of hull area that needs to be damaged, in order to sink it (conversely, this size can be considered a weakness, as it cannot maneuver effectively).

Being made of the nanomachine-like Zfylud crystals, the ship constantly repairs itself, thus easily weather a beating that smaller, less powerful vessels would not be take.


Apart from copious amounts of weaponry, the Hermóðr houses an internal "city", for housing Balmarian soldiers, other military personnel, and mobile weapon manufacturing plants. Although these manufacturing plants might be limited by the ship's resources and raw materials available on board, due to the ship entirely composed of Zfylud crystals, it is safe to say that the output of the plants is limited only by the space needed to store the mobile weapons.


The Hermóðr is also capable of warp travel with its Crossgate Paradigm Drive. Smaller Huleh-class cruisers can "piggy-back" on the Hermóðr's Crossgate Drive, in order to warp long distances, though they can be seen warping independently in the opening FMV of Shin Super Robot Wars. The nature of its conventional propulsion systems, however, is unknown.

Special FeaturesEdit

The core of the Hermóðr is not a reactor, but a giant Zfylud crystal-based mobile weapon of the same name. This mobile weapon serves as the main computer, and presumably the power source of the entire ship. Should the ship be destroyed, the mobile unit is designed to survive the resulting explosion and bring a swift and violent end to the enemies of the Ze Balmary Empire.


Length: 27800 meters

Weight: Unknown

Main Power Source: Unknown, presumably the Zfylud unit, which serves as the ship's core.

Armor Material: Zfylud crystals

Defensive System: Gravity Territory Barrier

Weapon Systems:

  • Vulcan Phalanx
    Quantity: Innumerable.
    A series of Close-In Weapons Systems (CIWS) that serves as a point defensive weapon.
  • Megillot Missile
    Quantity: Innumerable.
    The Hermóðr can launch Megillot probes as kamikaze units, self-destructing as they crash into their target.
  • Scattering Laser Cannon
    Quantity: Innumerable.
    Multiple beam weapons for engaging larger enemy craft at various angles.
  • Legion Buster
    Quantity: 1
    An immense particle beam cannon located in the center of the ship's anterior crystal mass.

Mobile Weapon ComplementEdit

Super Robot Wars Alpha

  • Zfylud
    Quantity: 1
    The fleet admiral's personal unit and command module of the ship. Serves as the ship's power source and main computer. Also serves as an emergency superweapon, should the ship be compromised.
  • Judecca
    Quantity: 2
    A commander-type non-humanoid Psychodriver mobile weapon. The Black Judecca mounts a Crossgate Paradigm System.
  • Antenora
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably no more than 50
    A commander-type mobile weapon. Can be equipped with Zfylud crystals.
  • Ezekiel
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably a few hundred
    An elite-type mobile weapon.
  • Habakkuk
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably several hundred
    An artillery-type mobile weapon.
  • Zechariah
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably several thousand
    A mass-produced general purpose mobile weapon.
  • Megillot
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably several thousand
    A mass-produced unmanned probe, similar to today's Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles.

Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

  • Zfylud Eved
    Quantity: 1
    Alternate form of the Zfylud. Used for wide-area annihilation.
  • Shemuel
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably a few hundred
    An advanced elite-type mobile weapon.
  • Haggai
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably several hundred
    An advanced artillery-type mobile weapon.
  • Esrim/Esrim Aph/Esrim Rosh
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably several thousand
    An advanced general purpose mobile weapon.
  • Joelah
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably several thousand
    A mass-produced unmanned probe, similar to today's Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles.
  • Gader
    Quantity: Unknown, presumably a several hundred to a few thousand
    An unmanned, defensive unit.

Ships Of The Hermóðr-Class:

  • Known: Echad, Chamisha, Shisha, Shiv'a
  • Presumed: Shnayim, Shlosha, Arba'ah

Note: Each of these ships is named after a Hebrew number. Only the Echad, Chamisha, and Shisha were actually named in Alpha 3. Shiv'a appeared in Alpha, but was simply referred to as "Hermóðr". However, being the flagship of the seventh fleet, it can be safely assumed that this was indeed the Shiv'a, and that the Shnayim, Shlosha, and Arba'ah did not appear in any Super Robot Wars title, as they were destroyed in conflicts that predated the events of Alpha.


  • While most Balmarian units have Hebrew names, the Hermóðr is named after a figure in Norse mythology, the god Hermóðr.
  • The color of the crystal mass of each ship is supposedly based on the hair color of the fleet admiral. The Echad, for example, is green because its commander, Ephesus Judecca Gozzo, has green hair. However, this was not true in the original appearance of the Hermóðr in Alpha, as Laodicea Judecca Gozzo had silver hair, and yet his Hermóðr's crystals were green, like the Echad's.