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Guran GalanEdit


Upgrade lvl 0 Upgrade Lvl 5 Cost Upgrade Lvl 10 Cost
HP18000 19000 30.000 20000158.000
EN300 3508000 45088.000
Power55 ==> 8050.000 ==> 135191.000
Armor1000 150041.000 2300186.000
Limit280 3308000 43053.000
Terrain: Rank
Land: E
Water: E
Space: B


Upgrade lvl 0 Upgrade Lvl 5 Cost Upgrade Lvl 10 Cost
"Name"7001~2+30% 1350 30.000 2200 190.000
"Name"9001~3+-0%==> 1550 60.000 ==> 2600287.000
"Name"11001~5+-0% 1750 60.000 2800 287.000
"Name"15001~6-10% 2150 60.000 3200 287.000


Name :Shela

Equipped with Beam Coating (Aura Battler)

Can carry 1 Item.


Learn on Level 6. 幸運

Learn on Level 14. 信頼

Learn on Level 20. 愛

Learn on Level 23. 激励

Learn on Level 39. かく乱

Learn on Level 43. 復活

How to ObtainEdit

Joins at episode 14 in Super Robot Taisen F.

Initial Unit in Super Robot Taisen F Final



Note: This is one of the few units with the ressurruct seishin.

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