Gunleon is the main machine of the Beater Repair Service, powered by the Sphere of the Wounded Lion. It was originally piloted by Cielo Beater, but it's now currently piloted by Rand Travis. It is equipped with all sorts of tools of its trade all over its body, including its signature tool "Riot Gia-Wrench", it repairs machines big and small. As it possesses great combat strength, it is also often seen as a bodyguard in places with a lot of fighting. Its cockpit is a two-seater, and despite the size, the machine also doubles as the Beater Service's trade vehicle, as well as a mobile home. When it releases the power of the Sphere of the Wounded Lion, it unlocks its Magna Mode, unveiling its true form and powering up the Gunleon even more.


Video GalleryEdit

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