Gundam (ガンダム, Gandamu?) is one of the longest running series of Japanese anime, featuring giant robots or mecha, created by Sunrise. Gundam is the collective term for the Universal Century (UC) series, like Mobile Suit Gundam and series in alternative timelines, such as New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, After War Gundam X, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED or Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In the 2008 Anime average sales figure ranking of copies sold in Japan(1970~2008 total sales figure averaged by episode), Gundam series got 4 positions out of the top 5. While Mobile Suit Gundam ranking second position, the third, fourth, fifth position is Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam respectively. Also, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing ranked 18th and Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam ranked 20th.


  • Universal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) (Movies in 1982-83)
MS IGLOO 1 (2006)
MS IGLOO 2 (2008)
Mobile Suit Gundam : The 08th MS Team (1995)
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket (1989)
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (1992)
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (1985) (Movies in 2005)
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (1987)
Mobile Suit Gundam : Char's Counterattack (1988)
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (2010)
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (1991)
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (1993)
  • Future Century
Mobile Fighter G Gundam (1994)
  • After Colony
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing (1995)
After War Chronicles Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (1997)
  • After War
After War Gundam X (1996)
  • Correct Century (Seireki)
Turn A Gundam (1999)
  • Cosmic Era
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (2002)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray (2003)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (2005)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer (2007)
  • Anno Domini
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007-2008 (Two Seasons separate))
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 : A Walkening of Trailblazer (2010)

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