Guarlion Trombe is Elzam V. Branstein’s personal Guarlion unit when he was part of the Divine Crusaders in Super Robot Taisen Original Generation and Super Robot Taisen Original Generations.


Height: 18.9 meters

Weight: 30.4 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Vulcan
    Body-mounted guns on the torso of the Guarlion for quick strafing attacks.
  • Assault Blade
    A mecha-sized sword used for close-combat enemy encounters relying on motorized teeth, similar to the ones on a chainsaw.
  • Divine Blade
    A solid metal sword used for melee combat. It has the same name as the sword used by the Valsion, but it is much smaller and comparably less powerful. The Guarlion Custom, Guarlion Trombe, and Guarlion LB use this weapon to replace the Assault Blade.
  • Burst Railgun
    A handheld railgun that fires the same rounds as the Lion's Railgun attack.
  • Sonic Breaker
    The shoulders of the Guarlion open up, releasing the stored energy within the machine, creating a blue energy field that surrounds the front of the unit. As the Guarlion flies straight towards its enemy, it rams itself towards the target with the energy field piercing through the enemy armor.


Video GalleryEdit

Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden - Guarlion Trombe All Attacks (English Subs)02:07

Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden - Guarlion Trombe All Attacks (English Subs)

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