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Grungust Type-3 SpecificationsEdit

  • Height: 60.2 meters
  • Weight: 390.0 tons

Weapon SystemsEdit

  • Eye Solid Laser
    This is a laser beam mounted on the forehead slightly above the eyes.
  • Drill Boost Knuckle
    The Grungust attaches large drills to its arms. It then launches the arms to perform aerial drill punches.
  • Omega Blaster
    This is a powerful heated blaster weapon fired from the chest.
  • Type-3 Zankantou (参式斬艦刀)
    This attack is exclusive to Sanger's Type-3 Unit 2. Sanger allows the Zankantou to grow to a huge length, in the shape of a Katana broadsword. The Grungust dashes in towards the enemy to deliver a powerful horizontal cut. In Original Generations, the Grungust attacks with clean, vertical cut.
  • Type-3 Shishiohtou (参式獅子王刀)
    This weapon is exclusive to the third Type-3 assigned to Bullet, during the Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: The Animation OVA. This was also available as a secret weapon in the Original Generations , which can be equipped to various other playable mechs. In the bonus segment of Original Generations, the Shishioh Blade is part of Bullet weapon loadout in his Type-3.
  • Type-3 Shishiohtou Saiha (参式獅子王刀・歳破)

Main PilotEdit