The Graterkin(グレイターキン) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears as an enemy unit in 3rd Super Robot Wars and Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2. It's upgraded form, Graterkin II (グレイターキンⅡ) appears in 4th Super Robot Wars, Super Robot Wars F, Super Robot Wars F Final and is playable in 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

The Graterkin is Mekibos's personal machine built by the Zuvorg Alliance which was modified using data from the Huckebein and Lion series machines and is outfitted with a Tesla Drive making it flight capable. It's armaments are a Mega Beam Buster hand held beam rifle, a High Frequency Sword for Melee combat, and a Photon Beam Cannon housed in its chest. On it's right shoulder is the Blade Collector which Mekibos can use to either launch blades at his opponents or use the powerful wide area attack Thunder Crash. However this attack takes time to charge up. It also carries a shield. Like the other Inspector machines it also had the ability to absorb beam weaponry. Graterkin would first be seen taking over the White Star alongside the other Inspectors (If the player defeats them here while saving Mekibos for last he'll give them a plethora of powerful parts and weapons), and would later be used to try to hijack the Huckebein MKIII. However, he would be driven back when Ryoto Hikawa sortied in it and used the Huckebein MK III Gunner Frame's Full Impact Cannon. During Operation Planagenet Mekibos would use the powerful Thunder Crash to devastate the EFA and NDC. Mekibos and Graterkin would be fought one more time on the way to the White Star. After being defeated he acknowledges Irm and the EFA and lets them pass, much to Wendolo's annoyance. Graterkin's last battle would be in the White Star against the Dikastes. After sabotaging the warp system Mekibos helped the EFA fight his brother. However, just as he was about to finish Wendolo off, Graterkin shut down and was destroyed by a Mega Flasher. Before the White Star was swallowed up by the Einst he was able to escape and make his way home.

Graterkin is repaired and upgraded into Graterkin II. While it loses the Beam Absorb it is improved in various areas. It's weapons now include Barrel Missiles, the High Frequency Sword from Graterkin, the Driver Cannon and a Large Barrel Beam Cannon in place of its Photon Beam. Most notable is the Thunder Crash has also been improved into the Neo Thunder Crash, it's charge time is considerably less and while it's range isn't as wide it deals far more damage then the original.

Mekibos would use this machine to assist the Hiryu Kai against the Guest forces and Zezenan then later help the KouRyu Sentai against the threat of the Ruina, the remnants of the Gaia Saviors, Baral and Euzeth Gozzo.



Height: 28.5m

Weight: 45.6t

Pilot: Mekibos

Weapon Systems:

  • Energy Drain +
    A Missile that drains the targets energy.
  • Weapon Breaker
    A missile that disrupts weapon systems and weakens them.
  • Thunder Crash
    Graterkin gathers a large amount of electrical energy within its Blade Collector and discharges it over a massive area, however it takes awhile to gather the required energy.
  • Mega Beam Buster
    Graterkin's high powered Beam Rifle, it fires several shots that hit multiple targets.
  • High-Frequency Sword
    Graterkin's sword that emits a HF vibration when used, Graterkin slashes the target twice then stabs it.
  • Photon Beam
    A high powered energy cannon mounted in Graterkin's chest, when used it fires a blue beam at the target.

Graterkin IIEdit

Graterkin II

Graterkin II

Height: 37.8m

Weight: 84.5t

Armor Material:

Main Power Source:

Pilot: Mekibos

Weapon Systems:

  • Barrel Missile
    A volley of missiles fired from Graterkin II chest.
  • High Frequency Sword
    Graterkin II's sword that emits a HF vibration when used, Graterkin slashes the target twice then stabs it.
  • Mega Beam Rifle
    The replacement for Graterkin's Mega Beam Buster, it fires a concentrated beam at a single target
  • Driver Cannon
    A high powered EM Cannon that fires powerful solid rounds that pierce the target, this weapon can also be found on several Zovorg machines like Liege Geios and Org Veria .
  • Large Barrel Beam Cannon
    The replacement for the Photon Beam, like its predecessor it fires a powerful blue beam at the target.
  • Neo Thunder Crash
    The improved Thunder Crash, it's power and charge time has been greatly improved. Also, unlike the original Thunder Crash, this attack is fired from Graterkin II's hands and hits a more concentrated area for devastating effect.

Video GalleryEdit

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