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The Granveil (グランヴェール Guran'vu~ēru) also called Granvale, is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series.


Technical And HistoricalEdit



Height: 28.48m

Weight: 36.5t

Armor Material: Orichalconium

Main Power Source: "Furukaneri" Class Eternal Engine

Pilot: Huang Yanglong

Weapon Systems (before strengthening):Edit

  • Pulse Laser
  • Megiddo Flame
  • Familiar
  • Chuuseiko Beam
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Caloric Smash.

Weapon Systems (after strengthening):Edit

  • Pulse Laser
  • Megiddo Flame
  • Hi-Familiar
  • Chuuseiko Beam
  • Flame Cutter
  • Denkou Eiri
  • Kafuu Seiun Ken

Weapon Systems (Masō Kishin 2 only):Edit

  • Kouen
  • Banchou Kouen
  • DenKou Eiri Shipu Zan
  • Hougu Kafuu Seiun Ken
  • Taikyoku Onmyō Haja-Hō

Weapon Systems (Full Possession, Masō Kishin 3 only):Edit

  • High Familiar
  • Flame Cutter
  • Seizan Kafuu Seiun Ken

Video GalleryEdit

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