The Grandred Fenosa is a fictional battleship in the Super Robot Wars series and serves as the vessel for XN-L (Pronounced as Zan-El) the final boss of Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers.


The overall appearance of Grandread Fenosa is similar to Gilliam Yeager's XN-Geist with a largely white color scheme with purple crystal like objects coming out the sides and tops of its shoulders and out the rear of the ship as well as golden "hair" coming out the back of the ships "head".

XN-L himself resembles his Great Battle counterpart with the signature halo and ring of light of the Kadoam Harkahm.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Warship where XN-L is resting after he completed his task bringing knowledge to the Humans in Roa's world. Roa and his allies used the ship once to fend off against Dark Brain's forces but ultimately failed as it was sunk and fell to the Crossgate. It was then awakened alongside XN-L through the Crossgate's negative energies, as it appeared out of it to execute its slaughter on Earth. The Grandread Fenossa is armed with multiple beam weapons and two detachable arms which can be used with certain situations. It's main cannon is powerful enough to destroy a fleet of units in one fatal shot, and boasts one of the most powerful offensive capabilities of all the warships ever existed. With the help from Skull Knight, the battleship was sunk by the Steel Dragons after defeating XN-L and destroying the Crossgate, ending the Fury/Gadisword conflict once and for all.

XN-L himself is the second king of the giants, a Kadoam Harkahm who bestowed Roa's people the knowledge and technology to create Compatible Kaiser after which he fell into a slumber and was later built into Grandred Fenosa as a power source, after awakening he planned to destroy all intelligent life in the universe to prevent the Lamalice and Dark Brain from reviving.

Many members of the Steel Dragon Squad suspect that XN-L was damaged like Dunimass was.



Model Number: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Weapon Systems:

  • Great Bombardment
    XN-L unleashes a rain of beams that strike the area around it, this attack can hit and area the very size of the Cross Gate itself.
  • Battleship Arm
    XN-L fires 8 shots from the ships massive hands.
  • Last Fire Twin
    XN-L charges power into the purple protrusions on the top of its shoulders and fires 6 energy blasts that diffuse into countless rays of light that bombard its targets
  • Fenosa Gabeliot
    XN-L detaches from Grandread Fenosa and assumes his true form then while Grandread Fenossa bombards the target from the Battleship Arms he rushes up and strikes the target with Light Blades and jumps back allowing one of the Arms to strike the target sending them flying while leaving Cross Gate shaped energy circles, XN-L then will the ship to fire its main cannon into the circles the blast being magnified with each circle it it goes through until it hits the target and sends it out into deep space where it is destroyed in a massive explosion of energy.


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XN-L is based off of Zan-El, the main antagonist of The Great Battle 2 for the SNES system.