Genion is Hibiki Kamishiro's mecha in Super Robot Taisen Z3.


Designer: Mitsuharu Okamoto

According to the DEM Support Unit "AG", Genion is the first mobile weapon developed by the DEM Corporation using DEM (Dimension Energy Machinery) technology. It was tested in Dimensional space, however, a dimensional shock phenomenon occurred within the test field during the test. The shock transported Genion and the DEM Support Unit  "AG" (which serves as a pilot's advisor) to Earth. By the will of the heavens, Genion was purposely brought to Earth in order to serve Hibiki and so that both of them would fight together as one. Hibiki is the only person who can summon and pilot Genion, as the machine itself chose him as its pilot. However, much of this history was eventually revealed to be a ruse conducted by AG.

In actuality, Genion is the successor machine to the Lemures Test Type, Lemures and Chaos Lemures in experiments on designing a machine capable of stealing a Sphere, and its intended main pilot is not Hibiki but rather Suzune Saijou. Its inventor is none other than The Edel Bernal.

Genion uses a Dimensional Energy Converter, a power source derived from a false Sphere, which provides it with an energy supply that has no need of refueling and grants it the ability to use the dimensional topographic defense device "D · FAULT" which creates a protective barrier known as a "D-Field", an artificial form of the barrier produced by mature Dimensional Beasts. Its weaponry is balanced for all ranges of combat, using the Tactical Systems Next-Generation Dimensional Force Control Device TS-DEMON operating system. While Genion can be operated with a single pilot, its most powerful weapons require a second pilot to handle guidance and firing controls, a role normally fulfilled by Suzune.

However, the Dimensional Energy Converter is insufficient for the unit's alternate form, Glitter Armament Infinity or also known as GAI Mode. This mode reconfigures the appearance of Genion into a towering super robot similar in appearance to Gadlight Meongsam's Geminia, with most of Genion's weapons reworked into new additional armor and thrusters. Genion GAI replaces these weapons with much more straightforward martial arts and energy blasts delivered from the hands and chest, along with the ability to summon the powerful Bifrost weapons platform. Due to the strain on the reactor, Genion GAI can only be utilized for brief periods of time before the unit will automatically revert to its original form. If this limit is forcibly exceeded, the result will be the destruction of the reactor.

Near the end of the Jigoku Incident, Hibiki exceeded Genion GAI's time limit in battle with Gadlight, destroying the reactor and leaving him helpless while seconds from defeating Gadlight. This mixture of hope and despair, combined with Gadlight having his own emotional balance of anger and resignation disrupted, caused Genion GAI to perform its true function and steal ownership of the Sphere of the Quarreling Twins ( いがみ合う双子) from Gadlight, which even in its inactive First Stage is more than capable of powering Genion GAI's systems. Freed from Genion GAI's time limit, and armed with the new Nibelung Annihilation technique, Hibiki defeated Gadlight and went on to resolve the Jigoku Incident by defeating the Anti-Spiral together with his allies in Z-BLUE.

In the months that followed, as the fallout from the Jigoku Incident led into the invasion of Earth by the Gaia Empire Sidereal, Hibiki would continue to fight with the Genion, even as Suzune was abducted and her personality inverted into her other side of Ambriel. Using a reconstructed Geminia, now powered by an imitation Sphere as Genion once was, Ambriel would clash with Hibiki several times as he worked to find a way to rescue her and to fight off the negative effects of his awakening Sphere. This clash eventually culminated in Hibiki's awakening as a Third Stage Sphere Reactor, at which point Genion GAI attempted to invoke the Sphere's power to transform into a new shape similar to the Chaos Lemures. However, Hibiki's force of will overcame AG's machinations, and it instead transformed into Geminion Ray, a new form blending Genion's body structure and array of weaponry with Genion GAI's martial arts and overwhelming power. With this new power, and the assistance of the other three Sphere Reactors allied with him, Hibiki eventually freed Suzune from her brainwashing and reclaimed her as his copilot, together unlocking Geminion Ray's true might.



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