Geminia is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series and is the personal unit of the main original antagonist of Super Robot Taisen Z3 Jigoku-hen , Gadlight Meonsam, who is also playable in the DLC Stage "The Last Day" and Super Robot Taisen Z3.2 Tengoku-Hen .


Technical And HistoricalEdit

Developed on Planet Gemini for use by Gadlight Meonsam, it was designed using data from the Diosc series machines and is equipped with only a bare minimum of weapons while maintaining mobility and versatility as well as the "Sphere of the Quarreling Twins" (Igamiau futago no Sphere) giving it immense power and a D-Fault defensive barrier making Geminia a force to be reckoned with. It is equipped with emitters on its hands which allowing it to fire the powerful Light Particle Blast (光粒子ブラスト Kōryūshi burasuto) in either a focused blast or in a wide range, or form the powerful "Light Broken Sword Formenia" (光破剣フォルメニア Hikari yabu ken forumenia), channeling the power of Geminia's Sphere to its limits, Gadlight can execute the powerful Blaster Arts Nova technique to obliterate his opponents.
During Gadlights first battle he was able to block Genion's GAI mode with its D-Fault and overwhelm it with its power, after a brief fight with Z-BLUE Gadlight summoned one of the facets of Ba'al, the STMC (Uchukaiju), and retreated.
He later appeared during Altair's assault on NERV's Geofront to face Z-BLUE once more to try to take down Z-BLUE but was thwarted with the appearance of GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] and Setsuna F. Seiei's use of the machines Quantum Burst system to keep his allies from succumbing to the effects of Gadlight's Sphere.
Geminia's final battle would occur after Z-BLUE successfully completed the Space Time Restoration, breaking the encroaching Time Prison, angered that Z-BLUE was able save their world while his was destroyed despite his efforts he destroyed the Federation fleet and killed Cygus in one shot, he then turned his attention to Z-BLUE themselves, after matching blows with them Gadlight acknowledges their strength but at the same time scorning them that reality isn't as kind as the hope and optimism leads to nothing but despair, that said he uses his Sphere to summon larger class Invaders and STMC and dismisses Annolotte saying that he will wrap things up and meet up with her, however against the power of the newly formed Chouginga Gurren Lagann and Z_BLUE's combined might he is defeated, however before Gadlight can attempt to escape Advent provokes Gadlight into killing him breaking the balance of his emotions required to feed his sphere and giving Hibiki hope, but Genion Gai's reactor gives out at the last moment causing Hibiki to beg and plead for Genion to move, this creates the conflicting balance of emotions required to feed the Sphere of the Quarreling Twins causing it to abandon Geminia and tansfer to Genion giving it enough power to finish off Geminia with its new move, Nibelung Annihilation, with his final moments Gadlight curses himself for abusing his Spheres power and allowing to be stolen by an "imitation", he then warns Hibiki that he will also be consumed by the power of the Sphere like he was and tells him even though Z-BLUE was able to defeat him they won't stand a chance against "them", with his final words he bids "farewell to the new Reactor who inherits my curse, your mother is waving at you from hell!" before Geminia explodes.



Height: 76.8m

Weight: 144.7t

Main Power Source: The Sphere of the Quarreling Twins

Pilot: Gadlight Meonsem

Weapon Systems:

  • Light Particle Blast (WIde):
    Geminia fires a wide area blast of light that hits a massive range.
  • Light Particle Blast:
    Geminia fire a more focused blast that hits both memebers of a squad.
  • Light Broken Sword: Formenia:
    Geminia forms a sword from the jewel on its palm and slashes the target twice with it.
  • Blaster Arts Nova:
    Pushing the power of its Sphere to its limits Geminia summons 2 Formenia swords and slashes at its target repeatedly before combining them into a double bladed sword and begins slashing its target even faster, Geminia then stabs the weapon into its victim and grapples them firing a pointblank Light Particle Blast into them.

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