Ganador (ガナドゥール) and Strega (ストレーガ) are Super Robot-type machines in Super Robot Wars D. When both units are combined it forms Forte Gigas (フォルテギガス).

In Super Robot Wars D and 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation both basic units are piloted by Joshua Radcliffe and Cliana Rimskaya while in Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers Glacies can pilot Strega too.


SRW D - Ganador All Attacks02:32

SRW D - Ganador All Attacks

Ganador is Joshua's personal Super Robot in Super Robot Wars D, based off of technology from an unknown civilization at the South Pole. It was equiped with special, autonomous weapons, and the Figa. It has many built in weapons. It is also equiped with a special power system, "Res Arcana". It can fly using a gravity control unit. It does not appear in 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation along with Strega, unless Joshua and Rim are in the Forte Gigas as two pilots in it, just for 2 attacks.


  • Genocide Claw - Two energy beams come out from the bracers on both arms, resembling claws, and Ganador proceeds to rip the enemy apart. 
  • Edge Blaster - The two cannons on Ganador's shoulders are used to blast the enemy.
  • Falchion Saber - Ganador rushes at the enemy, taking out a stored hilt, and forming a Falchion blade, which is then used to slice the enemy apart..
  • Ultimate Lancer - It starts just like the Genocide Claw, before launching the enemy in the air and firing two mini beam sabers from the shoulder cannons, which pierce the enemy before exploding.
  • Heat Dive - Ganador rushesat high speed, coating itself in flames, and strikes the enemy like a meteor, coming at them from several directions.
  • Alternate Duel - A special move where Strega will perform Lightning Vice first (excluding the final part of it where it splits the enemy mech in half) then Ganador will perform Heat Dive to finish it.


SRW D - Strega All Attacks03:01

SRW D - Strega All Attacks

Strega is Rim's personal Super Robot in Super Robot Wars D, having many lightning type of attacks due to its plasma generator. It also has the ability to fly thanks to its gravity flight system and is also equipped with the Res Arcana system.


  • Stun Punch - Strega rushes towards the enemy to throw out three punches that will stun them.
  • Lightning Shot - Strega charges up lightning, then releases it as a ray gun.
  • Electric Cube - Strega charges the electricity from the generator to form a cube, which is then hurled at the enemy, creating a huge explosion as the energy is discharged.
  • Thunder Crash - Strega charges plasma in one hand as it flies at the enemy, then throws down a punch, releasing all the charged electricity.
  • Lightning Vice - Strega rushes towards the enemy, throwing a punch, charging up plasma while holding the enemy, then launchs them up to split it apart.
  • Alternate Duel - A special move where Strega will perform Lightning Vice first (excluding the final part of it where it splits the enemy mech in half) then Ganador will perform Heat Dive to finish it.

Forte GigasEdit

Forte Gigas is the result of the Ganador combining with Strega. Since it is made with two units, it also has two Res Arcana systems, allowing for it to have greater power output than the units on their own. Ganador's Figa are transformed into new weapons due to the combination of the machines. Forte Gigas cannot decombine if there are not two pilots in it. Strega forms the torso and lower body of Forte Gigas, while Ganador forms the top.


  • Moon Circle - Forte Gigas combines the two beam sabers from its back, spins it around to make a circle then launches it.
  • Storm Blade - Forte Gigas combines the two beam sabers while rushing at the enemy, then slices them, even launching the enemy in the air.
  • Beam Hammer (Super Robot Wars D) - Forte Gigas rushes at the enemy whille wielding an energy mace, which then turns into a huge crystalized mace, so it can rip the enemy to shreds while it is rolling at them.
  • Combination Duel (2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation) - Forte Gigas separates as Ganador and Strega to perform a simultaneous firing of Edge Blaster and Lightning Shot.
  • Giga Blaster - Forte Gigas starts charging up massive energy, revealing the lower part of its face to release steam. Then the red blaster on its chest releases the energy in a single blast. It is also used as a MAP attack.
  • Riot Buster (Super Robot Wars D) - Forte Gigas uses its beam sabers without combining them; instead, they're connected to face the same side, to create a giant beam saber to slice the enemy in half
  • Riot Buster (2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation) - Forte Gigas punches the enemy then splits apart; Ganador performs a one-armed Lightning Claw to keep stabbing them through and throw them at the air while Strega performs Electric Cube to hold the enemy, then both combine together, bringing out both beam sabers into a single giant beam saber to cut the cube in order to create a massive explosion.

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