Fatum is a fictional robot from the Super Robot Wars series, It serves as the Final Boss of Super Robot Wars Destiny and a Major Boss of 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation.


A massive demonic machine, it's "head" area has a single Trident like antler, it has 3 green "eyes" with 6 spikes surrounding them, it's shoulders had red saw like designs with draconic appendages connecting to it's mask like hands, connecting to it's lower half is a red "spine", the lower half is insect like with a pair of lips in the center and a tail coming out the back.

Historical and TechnicalEdit


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Pilot: Perfectio (Felio Radcliff)

Power Source: Sympathia System/Negative Waves

Weapon Systems:

  • Tenabrae:
The eyes and mouth of both Fatum's masks open and lasers are fired at the target
  • UItimum
Black sludge is fired from the lower lips of Fatum, creating an explosive sea of it. Map Version: Fatum flies above the enemy group and drops his attack from above, covering an area (SRW D Version: 3 Large Lasers are fired, the target is then swarmed by mini copies of the Fatum's masks. SRW D (Map): The battle animation cuts off as soon as the beams are fired)
  • Orcus Telebra
Fatum generates a black mist from its' masks and pulls the target into the Ruina dimension, then impaling it on a large drill from its' red mask. (SRW D Version: The eyes and mouth of both masks protrude spinning drills and are used after Fatum charges at the target)
  • Edesse Sapere
Fatum is covered in an aura, launches its' masks into the air, and generates a soundwave attack which snares the target. Said target is pulled into the Ruina dimension, coated in a sphere of negative energy and falls to the ground. Perfectio himself leaves Fatum and directly tears into the fabric of the target while various distorted images appear in the background. (SRW D Version: Perfectio shoots both masks at the target, they fire lasers at the target and then launch smaller versions of the masks which chew into the target and explode. Afterwards, the larger masks do the same except they do not explode)

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