The Fairlion (フェアリオン; while the original katakana pronunciation is indeed 'Fearion', the Japanese wiki romanized it as 'Fairylion') is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden.


The Fairlion is a real robot with a distinct doll-like appearance. Two units, the Fairlion Gold, and Fairlion Silver, were built, where the Fairlion Gold's color scheme is painted red, pink and gold, while the Fairlion Silver is blue, purple, and silver.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

In Original Generation 2, the two Fairlion units are built by the Tesla Leicht Institute, under the request of Shine Hausen, crown princess of the nation of Riksent. Shine would pilot the Fairlion Gold, while Latooni Subota would pilot the Fairlion Silver. Although the machines were intended to be used for ceremonial purposes, Jonathan Kazahara of the Tesla Leicht Institute foresees their potential to be deployed in battle, and installs various functions that are not used in other machines of Project Terrestrial Dream.

The Fairlions were built on the testing frames of the Astelion, and are equipped with its own scaled-down version of the Tesla Drive, in order to minimize their size and mass, but lacking the original maneuverability and speed of the Astelion, along with relatively fragile armor. However, as a dedicated unit for the princess, a missile jamming system and an energy field were installed, to boost the unit's overall capabilities in the battlefield. It also possess a unique MMI (Man-Machine Interface) called the W-I3NK System, exclusive only to both Fairlions.

The name Fairlion is derived from the word fairy, and the machines are also nicknamed the Supersonic Fairies. In the video games, they used the shorthand Fairlion-G and Fairlion-S, which was constantly used until The Inspectors, where they were given the designations Fairlion Gold and Silver.


Model Number:XAM-007S (Fairlion Silver)/XAM-007G (Fairlion Gold)

Height: 15.4 meters

Weight: 28.3 tons

Weapons Systems
2nd Super Robot Wars OG Fairlion Type-S All Attacks

2nd Super Robot Wars OG Fairlion Type-S All Attacks

Fairlion Type-S All Attacks

  • Assault Blade
    A mecha-sized sword used for close-combat enemy encounters, relying on motorized teeth (like the ones on a chainsaw).
  • Rolling Cannon
    The "ringlets" of hair on the back of the Fairlion's head are actually the barrels of a pulse beam cannon. The weapon's name comes from the rotational firing pattern of the guns.
  • Vostok Laser
    Two emitters in the Fairlion's shoulders combine with a third emitter in the abdomen to fire a large laser beam. "Vostok" is Russian for "east", and is the name of a former Soviet Union manned spaceship in the early 1960s.
  • Sonic Cutter
    The W-I3NK System is activated to the use of only one Fairlion unit. With its shoulders extended from the back to the front, the Fairlion unit rushes towards the enemy, momentarily stunning the unit, similar to the Guarlion's Sonic Breaker attack. Two high-frequency energy blades are formed on the arms of the Fairlion, and the unit begins to slash the enemy with precision-based attacks.
  • Royal Heartbreaker
    The W-I3NK System is activated to the use of both Fairlion units. A series of timed attacks is performed, utilizing the Sonic Cutter first, and ending off the combination with a charged energy attack thrown directly at the enemy. In Original Generations, the combination ends with both Fairlions charging at the enemy with a Sonic Breaker. The motion for the Royal Heartbreaker combination attack, adopted by Filio Presty and Jonathan Kazahara, was originally from the choreography of a famous 1990s Japanese idol group, WINK (which explains the naming of the W-I3NK System).