Fabularis is a mech made by Ruina and is pilot by Glacies. It is specialized on performing attacks with ice which matches it's outer appearance. The sword can also be a sheild.


Super Robot Wars DEdit


During Glacies first encounter, Joshua's and Glacies's Sympatia resonates, causing them to link up temporarily. He comes to understand her somewhat, and wishes to save her. Fabularis was used by Ruina since Glacies was mind controled because Perfectio set this odd crystal on her. That crystal was broken during the incident at Ruina base and she joins Blue Swear Force to fight against Ruina.

2nd Super Robot Wars Original GenerationEdit

Similar to the events in SRW Destiny, however both Glacies and Ventus have been "infected" by the Sympathia System aboard Joshua's and Rim's units. It is after they open the Weapon Box Hanger and acquire the upgrades to their units which increases their synchronization with both Glacies and Ventus. After the events which lead to the upgraded Aile Chevalier, and Blanche Neige, Joshua and Rim chase them down to where they fled, it is at that time Contagio activates a self destruct sequence for Glacies and Ventus, however Chris (One of Rim's personalities) Intervenes and absorbs the destructive force, saving both Glacies and Ventus, however obliterating her own existence in the process.


SRW D - Fabularis All Attacks01:03

SRW D - Fabularis All Attacks

Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Fabularis (Player version) All Attacks~02:30

Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Fabularis (Player version) All Attacks~

  • Sagitta Lumen - Fires a frigid cannon at the enemy to form ice around it when it come in contact with it
  • Stellar Pulvia - MAP attack, spreads ice shards near Fabularis's position
  • Vilete Gladius - slicing the enemy with the Vilete Gladius (sword). 
  • Congelatio - Send Ice shards charging at the enemy while it spreads

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