Ezel Granada is a fictional character in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation spin-off series, Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga series for the Nintendo DS and one of the antagonist of Mugen no Frontier. He is the leader of Formido Helm's elite battalion named "Orchestral Army once part of the frontlines of Formido Helm during the "Ten Year War". 

Appearance Edit

A big man with a horned skull which Kaguya accidentally thinks of him as a "were-skeleton". He wears the Orchestral Army's uniform as well as a cape.


In battle he uses a large Battle-Axe named "D.Max Axe", which he wields one handed, and enhances his already formidable skills with a variety of explosion based attacks. His axe can be purchased after he is defeated at Formido Helm with the description: "An axe that explodes with strength". His horned skull as "Skull Mask" and armor as "Brigandine" is also purchasable after the Formido Helm event.


When Formido Helm's King, Stanl Deib created the Cross Gates and the 3 personal troopers (Nacht, Abend, ArcGain) using the technology from the Neverland Trilobite-class battleship, he ventured to the world of Einst using one of the Cross Gates he created. Ezel was ordered to protect Formido Helm in his place. When Stanl returned, he declared war on Elfetale to create a "world of silence" resulting the "Ten Year War". Somewhere at the end of the war, Ezel had suspicions about him and had Katze look into the matter. The Orchestral Army turned back and fought against the king as Ezel executed him as the "being" that took shape as their king. However they had already suffered massive casualties by then (he and Katze were the only surviving members of the original Orchestral Army). He sign the peace treaties and sealed off the Cross Gates to Formido Helm. Later on as the mysterious events took place such as the Phantom and the Mild-Keil Crystals' appearances, he ask Katze Kotolnos, former sub-leader to rejoin the Orchestral Army but he declines after discovering the truth behind the war. Ezel would now attempt to seal off all of the Cross Gates by opening them and closing them making them unstable to use anymore. This was in order for the Einst to disappear and the Mild-Keil Crystals with them feeding off of the energy of the Gates. He was halted by Haken Browning and his team, in return he tells them the truth behind the war. Afterwards, the Orchestral Army would continue to track down the Einst as he gives Haken the Level 3 access card to the Mai Tieria (back half of the Neverland).He had worked at a solution to prevent the Einst from returning to the Endless Frontier, ultimately he trusts this task to Haken Browning. 


  • Like the rest of the Ochestral Army, his motif is based on the Town Musicians of Bremen and Ezel is German for donkey.

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