Excellence (mecha)Edit

The Excellence(エクサランス) series is a set of transforming mecha used by Raul and Fiona Gureden in Super Robot Wars Reversal.


The excellence mech's most interesting point is that it is actually just a head and torso which is attached to different bodies(frames). There is the Striker frame, Gunner frame, Flyer frame, Diver frame, Eternal frame, Cosmo Driver frame, Lightning frame, and Rescue Frame. They are Red, Green, Light blue, Sky blue/Light purple, Light green Dark purple/Orange, Orange/Black, and White respectively.


Each frame of the Excellence is optimized for a different form or theater of combat, and can be switched as the mission or pilot's needs dictate:

Striker( エクサランス・ストライカー): Ground(Close combat)
Gunner( エクサランス・ガンナー): Ground(Ranged combat)
Flyer(エクサランス・フライヤー): Air
Diver(エクサランス・ダイバー): Water
Cosmo Driver(エクサランス・コスモドライバー): Space
Rescue(エクサランス・レスキュー): Rescue and Repair(Introduced in The Second Super Robot Wars OG)
Gunstriker(エクサランス・ガンストライカー): Close & Ranged combat(Introduced in The Moon Dwellers)

The Lightning(エクサランス・ライトニング) and Eternal(エクサランス・エターナル) frames are High-performance combat frames personalized for Raul and Fiona respectively.


Video GalleryEdit

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