The Dis Astranagant

The Dis Astranagant is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It appears as a playable unit in the 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha only, but also appears in the opening sequence and final episode of the animated Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: Divine Wars.

The Dis Astrangant's theme song is "The Gun Of Dis", which happens to be a techno-inspired remix of the original Astranagant's theme song, "Kokuu Kara no Shisha" (Messenger from the Void).


Designed by Shin Megami Tensei visual artist Kazuma Kaneko, Dis Astranagant has the general appearance of a suit of Gothic plate armor, although it shows some homage to ancient Egyptian motifs as well. Its general color scheme is jet-black with gold highlights and gray coloring on its chest plates and crimson eyes. Its sharp, angular, golden wings fold out to reveal numerous thrusters that emit a neon-green exhaust of energy. This phosphorescent glow hints at the original Astranagant's T-Link wings. Its face has very little recognizable features save its eyes and two head-mounted crests shaped like bat wings. The chin and neck appear to be fused into one piece with its upper torso. The result is a grim, demonic appearance that is certainly frightening to behold though it is significantly smaller then its predecessor.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

After the final battle against the Aerogaters in Super Robot Taisen Alpha, Ingram Prisken and the Astranagant vanishes. During the period between Alpha and Alpha 3, the Ze Balmary Empire continues development in its cloning projects which includes clones of Ingram, in hopes that they produce a clone were able to match with him . This eventually lead to the creation of the clone, Ayin Barshem.

Ayin was sent on a inflitration mission,however he was encountered the Astranagant near a Cross Gate. The Astranagant seems to be in active and he intend  to carry it to a safe place .However,Upon his suprise the Astranagant was activated by itself.Eventually, The Astranagant was trying to fuse with Ayin's Varuch Ben and transforming it into the Werkbau, and resulting his memories disappear, which made him not able to recall who he was and where he is  . Yet it was strange to him that his allies calling and remembered him  by the name  Cobray Gordon which he use that name as the only clue about himself. As the story progress, there is a time where Ingram makes several attempts to take over Cobray's body and intend to fuse their exsistence into one  but he  fails, since Cobray began to forge his own will, personality and soul. Ingram reveals the Astranagant is the source balance for multiple universes and his duty is to help maintain this balance, but he eventually lost his own body to the Astranagant. In the end,Cobray was given the title Time Diver by Ingram Prisken and granted to pilot the Dis Astranagant for fulfilling his duty in maintaining the balance of the multiple time and dimensions in all universe .

The Dis Astranagant is similar to the original Astranagant, but differs in some regards. Its power is well beyond that of most mecha to the point that it can be considered one of the strongest to ever be created. This is assumed from Irui Ganeden's statement that it has infinite power .Since The Dis Astranagant's power source, the Dis Lev, is an infinite energy obtained by using the souls of the dead.


Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 ~Dis Astranagant All Attacks~

Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 ~Dis Astranagant All Attacks~

Code Name : Kuroki Juushin (The Black Gun God) 

Model Number: Unknown

Height: 22.3 meters

Weight: 58.8 tons

Main Power Source: Dis Lev, a power source that uses the souls of the dead for power, using the gap between life and death.

Armor Material: Unknown, but it is assumed to be Zfylud Crystals, like the original Astranagant.

Weapon Systems:

  • Raam Shotgun
    This handheld weapon is stored on the right side of the waist. It is a shotgun that fires spread shots or a condensed beam for long distance attack.
  • Z.O. Scythe
    A staff-like weapon is stored on the left side of the waist of the Astranagant. This can emit Z.O. (Zfylud  Orichalconium) energy to form a scythe. The Z.O. Scythe's haft can combine with the Raam Shotgun to extend the staff, thus making it a dual-purpose weapon. Assumed to be the original Astranagant's Z.O. Sword.
  • Gun Slave
    Remote weapons similar to funnels, these weapons are stored on the back of the Dis Astranagant and maintain flight using bat-like wings. They can work together to bombard an opposing force with energy beam attacks from multiple directions, and can attach themselves to objects and fire at point blank range. Assumed to be the original Astranagant's Gun Familiars.
  • Meth Asher
    Two large cannons mounted on the backpack of the Dis Astranagant that flips over the shoulders to assume firing position, each launching a black hole-like anomaly at the opponent to entrap and destroy it. This weapon seems to serve the same purpose as the original Astranagant's Axion Cannon and a combination of the Werkbau's Emeth Asher and Axion Buster.
  • Ain Soph Aur
    The Dis Astranagant's ultimate attack, where the chest opens to reveal the Infinity Cylinder. Cobray mutters the term "Tetractys Grammaton" and summons the power Ingram had (the sequence also shows Ingram's soul being absorbed by Cobray, turning his silver hair blue). The Dis Astranagant then launches a full power beam using the power of Dis Lev that entraps the opponent in an irregular area of the space-time continuum, completely erasing them from existence. One could say the attack is even allowing time to flow backwards until the moment just before the target's existence began, as stated in Cobray's quote, "Now return to nothingness, in the midst of this infinite light!". The words Ain Soph Aur means "infinite light" in Hebrew, taken from the Kabbalah, where it is used to describe the creation of the universe. It is commonly taken to be an ancient mystical idea of the Big Bang. Sometimes Cobray adds Dead End Shot after the name.