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Kazuya's machine, which transforms from tranzor mode, a giant truck, to robot mode. It utilizes a system that mimics the pilot's movements, which especially helps Kazuya in combat due to his training in Karate. Before battle, Daimos in tranzor mode is launched from inside a cave while Kazuya drives his Tryper 75S car (called "Rover 75S" in the Filipino dub) toward it. The car is launched into the tranzor through its rear doors before the cockpit detaches and is placed forward into the cab. After running off a cliff at top speed, the Tranzor begins its transformation into Daimos (called “Dynamo” in Starbirds).


  • Height
    45 meters
  • Weight
    150 tons
  • Power Source
  • FWeapons
    • Daimos Gun
      The standard machine gun mounted on the pelvic or hip area.
    • Daimos Missile
      The missile launchers mounted on Daimos' legs. It is called Daimos Rocket in the Filipino English dub.
    • Foot Cutter
      Blades mounted on Daimos' feet. It is called Daimos Kick Blade in the Filipino English dub
    • Five Shooter
      The five golden darts to be thrown to the enemy. It is called Magneto Blades in the Filipino English dub.
    • Snake Lock
      A pair of sharp discs with three strings launched from Daimos' elbow. It's called Gyro Whiplash in the Filipino dub version.
    • Cross Boomerang
      Two blades are joined to form a shuriken. It is called the Star Boomerang/Double Boomerang in the Filipino English dub.
    • Souryuu Ken (Double Dragon Blade)
      The two four headed daggers, which is originally mounted on Daimos' chest, can be retracted any time. Called the Daimos Daggers/ Double Daggers in the Filipino English dub.
    • Sanryuu Kon (Triple Dragon Stick)
      A three section staff with sharp blades on the end of its edges. It is called Battle Baton in the Filipino English dub.
    • Daimos Shaft
      The two glaives that can be attached together, hidden in Daimos' feet. This weapon is included in the upgrade at the aftermath of Aizam's arrival and his more advanced robots. It is called Daimos-Shaft Blade or Daimos-Shafts in the Filipino English dub.
    • Battle Break
      The two weapons which look like tonfas. The shafts are replaced by blades. This weapon is also an upgrade.
    • Daimos Chain Shark
      The two chains with a hook shoot from above Daimos' hands. They can be used to deal damage or to drag the enemy. This weapon is also added after Aizam's arrival.
    • Drill Anchor
      A missile launcher mounted on Daimos' back. These missiles have a drill effect, allowing them to pierce the enemy's armor and dealing more damage than the Daimos Missile. It is called Drill Missiles in the Filipino English dub.
    • Double Blizzard
      Daimos' chest is mounted with powerful fans that can generate a whirlwind against the enemy, which usually launches the enemy to the sky, setting up for most of Kazuya's finishing blows. In episode 40, during the battle against the Baam Underwater Base, Kazuya used the Double Blizzard to generate a whirlwind around Daimos to give enough strength to breakthrough the Baam Underwater Base, a move which is similar to the finishing move of Combattler V.
    • Freezer Storm
      After Aizam introduced his more powerful robots, this new weapon is introduced. Mounted on Daimos' head, it is capable of sending freezing rays, which freezes the enemy. It is called Freezer Blast in the Filipino English dub.
    • Fire Blizzard
      An upgrade of the Double Blizzard, though it does not replace the weapon. It is identical to Double Blizzard, except that it is empowered with fire. It is often used with Freezer Storm, due to the fact that the drastic changes of temperature can effectively weaken the enemy's armor.
      • Due to Kazuya's expertise in Karate, he usually finishes off his enemies with these finishing moves, mostly done after launching the enemy with Double Blizzard or Fire Blizzard although in some cases, he uses other means to launch the enemy or not launching them at all. It should be noted that Hissatsu translates into English as Deadly or Certain Kill.
    • Hissatsu Reppuu Daimos Kick
      Kazuya launches a flying kick to the enemy, in which Daimos' feet revealed sharp blades. Though not often used as a finishing blow, sometimes it is used to finish the enemy. It is called Daimos Kick in the Filipino English dub.
    • Hissatsu Daimos Chop
      Kazuya cuts the enemy in two with his hand just like he would break bricks.
    • Hissatsu Reppuu Seiken Zuki
      Kazuya's trademark finishing blow, sometimes simply the Reppuu Seiken Zuki. He launches a powerful punch which shatters the enemy robot's interior as the fist goes through the enemy. In the earlier Filipino English dub, it is merely called The Finishing Blow or Daimos Strike, but it is later referred as Daimos Deathblow. The technique translates to English as the Deadly Gale Correct Fist Thrust.

Combination AttackEdit

  • Choudenjii Reppu Seikenzuki
    Combattler V forms a tangible energy trail from its chest and Voltes V fires a Super Electromaganetic Ball at the same opponent with its sword. Daimos rides on the energy trail to the opponent and launches a powerful punch which shatters the enemy robot's interior as the fist goes through the enemy.

Video GalleryEdit

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