D-Sserd (SRWF)

D-Sserd (ディザード Dizādo?, aka D-Seerd) appears in Heavy Metal L-Gaim as the mecha that is piloted individually in two units by Kyao Mirao and Amu Fannellia. It is the mass production model in the L-Gaim universe so enemies also use it. It has made appearances in Super Robot Wars F, Super Robot Wars F Final, and Super Robot Wars XO.

Super Robot Wars FEdit


HP 3300
EN 110
Power 80
Armor 1100
Limit 280


Name Damage Range Hit
Beam Sword 1200 1 +20%
S-mine (4 rounds) 1200 1~3 -10%
Beam Shot 1300 1 +10%
Beam Lancer 1400 1~5 0%