The Zankantou (meaning "ship-cleaving sword") is a weapon in the Super Robot Wars franchise, first appearing in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. It's used by Sanger Zonvolt in all of his robots. In Original Generation 2 and Original Generations, Wodan Ymir also has his own Zankantou . In Original Generations, Rishu Togo also uses this weapon.

Four versions of the Colossal Blade appeared in Super Robot Wars:

  • The Type-0  (Reishiki Zankantou), used by the Grungust Type-0;
  • The Type-3 (Sanshiki Zankantou), used by the Grungust Type-3 and Dygenguard;
  • The Thrudgelmir(being a Grungust Type-3 infected by Machine Cells) uses a visually different version of the Type-3 Zankantou  - instead of a katana that expands into a much larger sword, it is formed from the ornamentation on its left shoulder.
  • The Goshiki Zankantou (Literally "Type-5 Crown-Cleaving Sword") used by Kaguya Nanbu.


Robots with ZankantouEdit

  • Thrudgelmir: Piloted by Sanger Zonvolt in Alpha Gaiden and Wodan Ymir in Original Generation 2 and Original Generations. Sanger uses the Zankantou: Inazuma Juuryoku Otoshi, while Wodan Ymir uses the Zankantou: Ichimonji Giri. In Original Generations, Wodan can also use the Zankantou: Hoshinagi no Tachi .
  • Grungust Type-3: Exclusive to Sanger Zonvolt's Type-3 in Alpha 2, Original Generation 2 and Original Generations; he uses the Zankantou: Shippuu Dotou .
  • Dygenguard: Actually the same Zankantou from the Type-3, inherited from Grungust Type - 3 . Unlike the other robots, Sanger can use five different forms of attack :  Zankantou: Raikou Giri , Zankantou: Unyou no Tachi and Tatsumaki Zankantou/Zankantou Ikkitousen.
  • Grungust Type-0: Used by Sanger Zonvolt in Original Generation and Rishu Togo in Original Generations. Both perform the Zankantou: Shippuu Dotou and Zankantou: Shippuu Jinrai .
  • Kaguya Nanbu: Kaguya, as similar to Sanger, uses a Zankantou called Goshiki Zankantou (Type-5 Zankantou)