Cobray Gordon
3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha character
543105-1 4 large Cobray Gordon
Voiced by Yuki Tai (Japanese)
Aliases Ayin Barshem
Gender Male
Species Balmarian clone
Title Time Diver
Known relatives Ingram Prisken (Origin and Older Brother)
Military History
Affiliations Ze Balmary Empire (@3),
Alpha Numbers (@3)
Rank 1st Lieutenant
Units Piloted Varuch Ben (@3),
RX-94 Mass Production Type Nu Gundam (@3),
Werkbau (@3),
Dis Astranagant (@3, Divine Wars),
Astranagant (Divine Wars)

Cobray Gordon is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He pilots the Dis Astranagant in Alpha Timeline.


Cobray has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Another Time Diver - Default theme
  • The Gun of Dis - Used when piloting the Dis Astranagant.


Alpha TimelineEdit

The man currently known as Cobray Gordon was originally named Ayin Barshem, one of the clone in Shiva Gozzo's Barshem series, He was also based upon Ingram Prisken, the first in the series . While out on a recon mission near Earth, Ayin encountered the Astranagant's remains. What Ayin didn't know was that Astranagant was still active and it was shut down for the reason to save its energy . Taking no chances,  the Astranagant was instructed to absorb Ayin's Varuch Ben. What happened next was unexpected: the Astranagant, instead of simply absorbing the mech, completely fused with it, creating the Werkbau. As a result , Ayin was suffered memory lost and cannot recall who he was.Since then most of his allies were strangely remember him as Cobray Gordon,as he didnt have choice but to use Cobray Gordon as his only name.

After a while, Arado Balanga in his Wild Wurger and Seolla Schweizer in her Wild Falken appear and join in preventing the Aerogaters assault to earth .As the story progress, he encountered with Calico McCready, the leader of the Golar Golem elite forces, as well as another product of the Barshem series (in other words, a brother). From then on, Cobray and Ingram would constantly struggle for control over his body. Eventually, Cobray was taken to a dimension devoid of time and space, where Ingram would reveal that he intended to fused himself with Cobray as One.However, Cobray's will to survive was too strong and it prevent him to do so;With the last of his strength, Ingram passes the title of Time Diver onto Cobray, which, in return, the Dis Astranagant shall be Cobray new mecha. As the story progress Cobray would encounter Hazal Gozzo and Shiva Gozzo which is one of the prime minister of the Balmarians besides Euzeth Gozzo, for once and for all.

After this incident, Cobray would continue his conflict with Calico and would eventually learn that the Golar Golem leader was jealous of him, because Calico believed that Ingram, the Original or in other word their older brother , would choose him over Cobray in his time of need. Cobray would defeat Calico, reveal his brother face. As a result, Cobray decides to live for the future, instead of dwelling in the past. He would go on to fight against defeat the Spirit Emperor, Ruach Ganeden, and later, Keisar Ephes. At the end of his story, Cobray leaves his friends behind to continue his duties as the Time Diver and Travel into the Original Generation Timeline in helping against The Areogaters assault.

Original Generation SeriesEdit

Cobray makes a brief appearance in Super Robot Wars Original Generations, though he is not present in the current universe. He is seen speaking with Ingram, saying he could not enter the Original Generation universe yet, while urging Ingram to break free from Euzeth Gozzo's control.

His original form, Ain appears in Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers as an enemy pilot alongside Calico and Spectra McCready.


  • During prologue in the anime Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars. It is where Ingram's Astranagant and Cobray's Dis Astranagant fighting against one another on the realm of dimension and time. The reason is that Ingram was trying to take over Cobray's bod. However, Cobray refused and knowing the dangerous effect will spread across all dimensions and time in the Universe.
    • In episode 25, Cobray makes a physical appearance, arriving in the Astranagant to free the SRX from Septuagint. The Astranagant then merges with the SRX which transform into "Dis SRX" and use its Axion Buster to destroy Septuagint.
  • The theme "The Gun Of Dis" can be shortened into "The G.O.D".