Cloud Harken (クラウドハーケン) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series, it appears as both an Enemy Mecha and Playable Mecha in Super Robot Wars GC and its remake Super Robot Wars XO.


Technical and HistoricalEdit

An assault transformable CIS developed for use by Sieg Altreed of Gadisword, unlike the Kreuz Wahrheit it focuses more on Long Range combat and is capable of transforming into a flight mode for high speed hit and run combat, its armament consists of a Twin Beam Rifles, Missile Pods which can be fired in both Normal and F Modes (in normal mode the flight modes nose swings up from the back, It mounts on various parts of its frame, four on the shoulders (2 Long Barreled near the head, 2 3 barreled on the upper shoulders) and one on each knee, these cannons are used along with the Cloud Haken's Beam Rifles to fire the powerful wide range weapon formation "Fire Haken", It also has a beam saber and bladed shields for close combat, the shields can also be launched from the arms as projectiles. In F-Mode nose mounted Vulcan.


Kreuz Wahrheit:

Height: 32 Meters

Weight: 162 Tons

Pilot: Sieg Altreed


  • Vulcan:
    A standard weapon used for close combat in F-Mode
  • Beam Rifle:
    Cloud Haken's twin Beam Rifles, can be used in both normal and F-Modes.
  • Fire Haken:
    A powerful wide ranged attack using all of Cloud Haken's cannons.
  • Lightning Assault:
    Cloud Haken deploys the blades on its shields and launches them at the target following close behind with its beam saber at ready, the shields slams into the target and then Cloud Haken slashes the target with its saber the shields the redock on Cloud Haken's arms and it stabs the target at full thrust until it flies out the other side and the target explodes.
  • Panzer Kyle:
    Cloud Haken's combination attack with Kreuz Wharheit, Cloud Haken leads off with Lighting Assault and Kreuz Wharheit follows up by slashing the target with its Shadow Blade.


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