Super Robot Wars MX


Unit Name: Cerberus
Model Number: YTA-06BW
Height: 20.4 Meters
Weight: 50.7 Tons
Pilot: Hugo Medio, Aqua Centrum
Weapons: Machinegun Pod, Coating Sword, Radical Railgun, and Terminus Cannon.

It's the sixth test unit in the Earth Federation's Tsentr Project. It's classified as a TE Absorber, meaning it's equipped with the unique TE Engine.
It excels in long ranged combat, but due to the instability of the power output of the Terminus Energy from the TE Engine, it's required that an operator wear a DFC (Direct Feeling Control) suit in order to help with the controls.

Cerberus IgniteEdit

Unit Name: Cerberus Ignite
Model Number: YTA-08BW
Height: 22.1 Meters
Weight: 65.4 Tons
Pilot: Hugo Medio (Form G), Aqua Centrum (Form S)
Weapons in Form G: Ho Missile Launcher, Raygun Pod, Coating Sword TeX, Ignite Pike, Terminus Cannon, and Kerberos Fang.
Weapons in Form S: Coating Sword, Raygun Pod, Radical Railgun, Terminus Smasher, and Kerberaid Buster.

It's the eighth test unit in the Earth Federation's Tsentr Project.
After the Cerberus suffered major damage during combat, it was repaired and remodeled using the Ignite parts, turning it into the Cerberus Ignite. It features a newer, more powerful TE Engine, which allows it to use a special barrier, the TE Sphere.
Because of it being equipped with the Ignite parts, it's capable of transforming into two modes. The Figure W is used by Hugo, and it focuses on close ranged assaults, where as Figure B is used by Aqua, and it focuses on long ranged attacks, similarly to the original Cerberus model. In Figure W it is called Form G, and in Figure B it is called Form S.
The Ignite parts can also be used as an unmanned fighter.


Video GalleryEdit

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