Calvina Cranju (カルヴィナ・クーランジュ, Karuvina Kūranju) is the 22 years old main female protagonist in Super Robot Wars J
. She was the former Second Lieutenant of The Space Alliance Army, she got the nickname 'White Lynx' because of her capabilities with mech piloting. She became a test pilot for the Ashuari-Kreuzel's Moon factory, and tested their new machines. The Fury attacked the plant, and Calvina was the only survivor, though she was heavily injured.

Several months later, she decided to join a battle ship 'Nadesico' and acted as their advisor. She becomes a test pilot once again, this time using the machine that Festenia, Katia, and Melua brought with them. She soons encounters her ex-lover, Al-Van, who was thought to be dead, on the battlefield. Fueled by Revenge and Anger because she is betrayed by the person she loved, Calvina enters the battlefield.

Personality & SkillsEdit

Before the incident at Ash'ari Kreutzer Corporation took place, Calvina is described as a cheerful and kind girl. Her personality turns 180 degree after that incident, transformed into a cold, quiet girl. When she learned that Al-Van is responsible for the incident, she developed an even more vicious motives for revenge by stating that she will kill Al-Van personally. Calvina finally realize the truth behind Al-Van's reason when she and Al-Van had a duel amidst the Battle to defend Orb from UEFA, she comes into her reason once again and instead of seeking revenge, she now aims to use her extravagant skill to save the Earth along with her comrades.

Calvina was described as a Genius when it comes to battle knowledge and mech piloting, a skill that earn her a nickname 'White Lynx' among her peers. After she get the mech from Katia, Tenia and Melua. She began to show her capabilities on the battlefield by giving instrumental instructions to her comrades that led to many succesful operation. After contacting with Cytron for some amount of time, she began to understand how to control an Orgone-powered unit in an ease as shown by her proficient control in her upgraded mech.

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