Calvina Coulange
Super Robot Wars J character
Voiced by Masumi Asano (Japanese)
Aliases White Lynx
Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of birth 49 (C.E)
Occupation Pilot
Pilot instructor
Mecha researcher
Known relatives Al-Van Ranks (boyfriend)
Fu-Lu-Mu-Lu (apprentice)
Jua-Mu Dalbi (apprentice)
Military History
Affiliation Alliance Space Forces
Ashalley Kreutzer Corporation
Rank 2nd Lieutenant (J)
Ensign (OG)
Units Piloted Bellzelute
→ Bellzelute Brigandier
→ Coustwell Brachium
→ Granteed Dracodeus

Calvina Coulange (カルヴィナ・クーランジュ Karuvina Kūranju?) is the 22 years old heroine of Super Robot Wars J. Described as an ace pilot who experienced a change of attitude from an enthusiastic into a sad girl as a result of the disaster that happened in the opening of the story. She has a storyline that is completely different with Touya Shiun, the male protagonist of Super Robot Wars J.


Calvina appears in the following games:


  • Revenger - Used when piloting Bellzelute, Coustwell, Granteed or Vorlent
  • Guardian Angel - Used when piloting Bellzelute Brigandier, Coustwell Brachium, Granteed Dracodeus or Raftclans. During ultimate attack theme changes to:
    • Powerful Eater - Used in ultimate attack with Festenia
    • Resolution - Used in ultimate attack with Katia
    • Sweet Suite - Used in ultimate attack with Melua


Super Robot Wars JEdit

A 22 year old former Alliance Space Forces pilot, Second Lieutenant Calvina was once an ace pilot whose skills earned her the nickname 'White Lynx' in the military academy. After graduation, she became a contract employee at the Moon branch of Ashalley Kreutzer corporation as part of the weapons development section, and she was assigned as the instructor of its personal pilots. However, two months before the main story began, an unknown space organization known as the Fury attacked the facility and wiped out all of the data within. Luckily, she was the sole survivor of the incident, as even her boyfriend, Al-Van Ranks, was presumed dead.

With copious amounts of downtime on her hands, she's later drafted to the battleship Nadesico (from Martian Successor Nadesico), once again as an instructor, until during the voyage she meets up with Katia Grineal, Festenia Muse and Melua Melna Meia. These girls turned out to be the victims of Fury's experiments, and managed to escape from their restraint, along with a mecha, and begged Calvina to ride it in order oppose the bandits who pursue them. After a long hiatus from piloting, she decides to enter the fray once more in the name of justice.

Throughout her exploits, Calvina in encounters some familiar faces in the Fury, including Al-Van and her old pupils, Fu-Lu Mu-Lu and Ja-Mu Dalbi. The three acted as conspirators to the Kruetzer corporation's ensuing destruction and the tragedy that left Calvina bitter and remorseful. Filled with anger and sadness, Calvina swears vengeance and continues to fight. Not long before the final confrontation against Gu Landon, Al-Van shows up to side with Calvina and her allies in an effort of redemption, which quickly rekindles Calvina's love for him. Once the Fury are defeated for good, Calvina, Al-Van and the girls live out the rest of their days together in peace.

Original Generation TimelineEdit

A former Terra Federation Forces pilot, Ensign Calvina was once an ace pilot whose skills & resourcefulness earned her the nickname 'White Lynx' and participated in both the Divine Crusaders War (DC War) & L5 Campaign. After the L5 Campaign ended with the Aerogaters defeated, she retired from the army and became a test pilot for Ashuari Kreuzel Corporation.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Calvina's character and costume design are similar with Setsuko Ohara, the heroine of the first Super Robot Wars Z. Both wearing long sleeve clothing and short skirts, and equally long straight hair. The difference lies in the color of their costumes and hair. Uniquely, both characters are described as a sad character, who have experienced great tragedy in their past. Another similarity is that both Setsuko and Calvina have a partner in their units.
  • Quite unique that as the game's main character, the first time Calvina can be played is on the second scenario. On the other hands, Touya Shuin, the male main character, immediately started his action on the first scenario.
  • It is unknown whether Calvina's or Touya's storyline is the canon as either don't ever meet the other in their respective storylines in Super Robot Wars J.