YSF-33-4 Calion

The Calion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It's one of the units that was developed for Project TD's Series 77, and its codename is "Beta Proto."


Unlike other Amored Modules made by the Divine Crusaders, the Calion looks like a plane, with the head of a Lion. There are 4 units made, but only 2 appeared in Super Robot Wars, the scarlet Unit 01, piloted by Sleigh Presty, and the other, Unit 04, piloted by Ibis Douglas and painted white.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

One of the "Series 77" units developed by Tesla Leicht Institute for Project TD, also known as Beta Proto. These fighters were based on the Divine Crusader's Armored Module, Lion series. Equipped with the new experimental Twin Tesla Drive, the Calion can fly at high speeds in the atmosphere and has high mobility in space. However, this also makes the Calion very hard to handle.

The original design was intended for space exploration and wasn't armed. This was changed at the request of Isuruki Heavy Industry, the sponsor of the project. The Calion is armed with homing missiles and a pair of "G Driver" gravity cannons. It can ram enemies with super-sonic speed. Since this usually cuts the target in half the technique was named Sonic Cutter. Its combat capability is undoubtably high if the pilot can use it properly.

Sleigh Presty and Ibis Douglas were assigned as test pilots of YSF-33-1 Calion Unit 1 and YSF-33-4 Calion Unit 4. Both of them escaped from Tesla Leicht Institute when it was captured by aliens known as the Inspector. Sleigh soon left the team to join Neo Divine Crusader, taking the Unit 1 with her, and Ibis' Calion was destroyed in her attempt to stop Sleigh, though Ibis herself is safe and she gets the new machine YAM-007-1 Astelion.



YSF-33-1 Calion

Height: 33.1 meters

Weight: 51.4 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Homing Missiles
    A small salvo of long range missiles.
  • "G Driver" gravity cannon
    2 high energy cannon mounted on the wing.
  • Sonic Cutter
    The Calion speed it up to the super sonic level and then charge into the enemy, usually cutting the enemy in half.
  • G Driver
    The Calion firing it missiles, then the two gravity cannon before performing the Sonic Cutter.

Video GalleryEdit

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