Blessfield Ardygun
Super Robot Wars W character
Gender Male
Species Human
Military History
Rank N/A

Patriarch to the Ardygun family, 45 year-old Blessfield Ardygun is known the "legendary Trailer", having earned the nickname "Hawk's Eye". Serving as the captain of the family's battleship Valstork, he has several friends in high places from a variety of organizations. Blessfield was originally a space pirate, who carried out his own sense of justice, but settled down once he met his future wife Yūmi and became a Trailer.

Blessfield carries an innate ability called Boson Jump (an ability derived from the Martian Successor Nadesico series), allowing him to instantaneously travel backwards through time; unfortunately, jumping forward through time is impossible, as the future has yet to exist. During a major battle, he protects Kazuma from an imminent explosion, and safely avoids it by instantly jumping back 15 billion years into the past. Blessfield almost loses hope, until meeting an ancient civilization called the E's, teaching him the importance of memories. Working alongside them, he creates the Knowledge Records and Record Plant, bringing the Database to life. The Valstork battleship is made at the same time, thus establishing his legacy, to be eventually handed down to his descendants in the future, 15 billion years later.