Banjou Haran

Banjou Haran, with Beauty and Reika

Banjo Haran (破嵐 万丈 Haran Banjō?) is the protagonist from The Unchallengeable Daitarn 3. He is 18 years old, but looks, acts, and is treated as a man at least in his late-20s, possibly even early 30s. More of one of the early-bloomer types. Much of Daitarn 3's operating cost and Banjo's actions in general are self-financed. More than once, despite his hatred for Meganoids, he spared those who showed themselves capable of love, or possessing some code of honour. He is possibly the most moral of all Tomino main characters.

Some of the Super Robot Wars games imply that Banjo may be a Meganoid of some kind. In series there were few hints supporting this theory but it was never stated if it was true or not.

Super Robot WarsEdit

In many of the games, he's often the benefactor for the entire team. In fact, he funded the Preventers in Super Robot Wars Compact. When all seems lost, Banjo will arrive on the scene (sometimes with a distinct yell of "DAIITAAAARN...COME HERE!!!") and will deliver his boast on how Daitarn 3 is here to smash evil ambitions (along with fixing whatever the problem was).

Super Robot Wars AEdit

An exchange occurs between the Londo Bell and Evil Chancellor Haman Kahn during her attempted Axis drop. At the heroes' protests, Haman says that she's only doing what is best for mankind's future. Banjou retorts that she, and only she, decided it, and that nothing gives her the right to commit genocide for her supposed higher ideals.

Super Robot Wars Alpha GaidenEdit

After the group is sent to the future, Sayaka and Musashi are MIA for a long while. It's finally revealed they are being held hostage by Archduke Gorgon, at which point he desires to use them as human shields. Banjou honestly declares he doesn't care how many people he'll have to kill, he won't let Gorgon live in this world anymore. His delivery is so bitter and cold Gorgon backs down and hands over Sayaka, Musashi and Daitarn's support crew, no strings attached.

Super Robot Wars Z IIEdit

Haran Banjou, with his heartfelt declaration that he would never forgive anyone who would steal the sun from the people, becomes the only member of ZEXIS to succeed in frightening Lordgenome.

Super Robot Wars Z II: Reborn the WorldEdit

Banjō, with the help of Roger Smith, change Code Geass history by keeping both Shirley AND Euphie from being killed off, provided you obtain sufficient "Zero points".

Super Robot Wars VEdit

Super Robot Wars XEdit