Height- 18.2 m

Weight- 84.5 t

Development- Axion Foundations

Power source- Plasma battery

Affiliations- World Liberation Front, etc

Pilots- WLF soldiers, Crowe

Mechanic Designs- Kanamaru Hitoshi

The Axio is a Banpresto Originals mecha appeared in Super Robot Wars Z2 and Z2.2. The organization, Axion Foundations developed the humanoid weapons and are selling it worldwide, it pervades the world but it lags behind the developed countries. They operate in terrains such as urban warfare, desert warfare and forest warfare, They changed the color rings and adjustments of each parts of the weapon has been put. Also, it is declined to release a successor to "Axio Ver.7", that it was released discontinued that Axion Foundation broke up about it being talked about in the re-world hen According to the dictionary.

There is no point such significant as appearance-armed both, it is the body a "plain" if thing as, but also penetration for versatile high maneuverability, and are used in a variety of forces seems high.

In addition, Fire Bug Corps will use a variation " Axio-Burglar "is also present. Which is based on a Axio, but remodeling of extreme has been decorated in various parts here, it is not comparable to normal machine, and airframe and powerful very peaky. In addition, the aircraft was named "Axio Night Bird" When Axion Foundation was selling this custom machine.

Equipments Edit

Assault rifles- A handheld weapon.

Rocket Launcher- Mounted on the waist.

Video Gallery Edit

Super Robot Taisen Z3 Rengoku-hen ~Axio Scott SP All Attacks~01:15

Super Robot Taisen Z3 Rengoku-hen ~Axio Scott SP All Attacks~

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