Atad Shamran AKA: Jennifer Fonda
Super Robot Wars OG, Super Robot Wars OGS character
Atad Shamran
Voiced by Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Sub-commander of Aerogators
Known relatives N/A
Atad Shamran is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. She has appeared as an enemy character in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation and Super Robot Wars Original Generations.

Name: Atad Shamran
{C}AKA: Jennifer Fonda
{C}Voice Actor: Unknown
{C}Race: Human
{C}Rank: Sub-Commander
{C}Affiliations: Aerogaters (OG 1/OGs)
{C}Relatives and Personal Affiliations: N/A
{C}Mecha: Ezekiel Sagol (OG 1/OGs), Vaycle (OGs)

Atad Shamran is Levi Tolar's second-in-command of the Aerogater invaders, usually staying inside the White Star, issuing orders to their mechanized units for their invasion of Earth. She was also in charge of monitoring Galuin Mehabel and Gaza Haganer's condition and stability.

Atad was once Jennifer Fonda, a researcher in Kenzo Kobayashi's lab for the development of the T-Link System, prior to the events of Original Generation. However, an accident occurred that would seemingly take the life of Mai Kobayashi and herself; in reality, both would be abducted by the Aerogaters and have their memories altered, becoming Levi Tolar and Atad Shamran, respectively. During the L5 Campaign, Atad began to suspect that Ingram Prisken had an agenda of his own, even though he defected from the Earth Federation Army. Sure enough, she discovered it was him who provided the SRX Team with the materials needed to combat the Aerogaters, allowing them to successfully push the Aerogaters out of Earth airspace. However, she dug in too deep and Ingram was forced to kill her at gunpoint for knowing too much.

Like many Balmarians, whose names are of Hebrew origins, Atad's name is derived from Atad, an Old Testament Hebrew name meaning buckthorn.

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