Asakim Dowen
Gender Male

Asakim Dowen (アサキム・ドーウィン) is one of the original characters in Super Robot Taisen Z. Depending on the scenario, he is either a secret character or an antagonist.

He shares many similarities with Super Robot Taisen' original hero Masaki Andoh, however, as the story unravels, Asakim turns out to be a man with almost all of Masaki's qualities reversed.

The name "Asakim" is an anagram of "Masaki", while "Dowen" appears to be a corrupted anagram of Andoh, furthering the connection to Masaki.


Asakim has appeared in the following games:

  • Super Robot Taisen  Z
  • 2nd Super Robot Taisen  Z: Destruction Chapter- Dai 2-ji sūpārobotto taisen Z: Hakai hen
  • 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z: Regeneration Chapter- Dai 2-ji sūpārobotto taisen Z: Saisei hen
  • 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z: Time Prison Chapter- Dai 3-ji sūpārobotto taisen Z: Jigoku hen
  • 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z: Heaven Prison- Dai 3-ji sūpārobotto taisen Z: Tengoku hen

Theme Music Edit

  • BLACK STRANGER - Default theme



In an unknown time in the past, Asakim committed an unimaginable crime which resulting him to be punish by turning him into an immortal being . For millennia, Asakim has been desperately suffering in trying to find the person who punished him and a method to be able to die again . He later heard about the Spheres, in which when all twelve are gathered and awakened, they would unleash an unlimited power that perhaps could be the key to Asakim's search for methods to lift him from his immortality and die. Asakim sought to awaken the Spheres, regardless of what method he needs to use. 

Super Robot Taisen ZEdit

He eventually located two Spheres, the Sphere of the Wounded Lion (傷だらけの獅子) contained inside Mel Peter and Rand Travis' Gunleon, as well as the Sphere of the Sorrowful Maiden  (悲しみの乙女) contained within Setsuko Ohara herself. Asakim used two approaches for both Spheres. Against Rand, he tends to be friendly at times, but at other times, he's just about ready to stab him on the back, causing anguish to both Mel and Gunleon. Against Setsuko, however, Asakim went over the top and goes out of his way to make her suffer, including the murder of her two friends and toying around with her emotions, earning him her eternal hatred. Both Spheres eventually awaken and Asakim's objective is finished. He either leaves the final battle against The Edel Bernal with their leader Jien Adel , or if Rand is the chosen as the main character by the player, he can be convinced to lend a hand for this one battle. 

Asakim is often associated with the Chimera group including his own close comrade, Jien Adell, but holds no loyalty to them. However, he is interested in the woman named  Xine Espio. As Asakim and Xine were working together, Xine becomes emotionally attach to him, in other words she fell in love with him. Although Asakim is ignorant towards her, he decided to leave Xine for her own good and left a note for her to forget about him and lead a happy life without him. 

2nd Super Robot Taisen Z Hakai hen and Saisei HenEdit

Asakim resurfaced later occasionally helping Crowe Broost during Super Robot Taisen Z2: Hakai hen. He was appearing Where Crowe were battling against the Jigenju army or also known as the Dimensional Beast. At that time he was dragged in the Dimension Distortion phenomenon and landed at the midst of the battlefield. After the battle ended, he reveal his own name to Crowe saying he would meet him again in a later time.As the story progress, He was also appearing again in the midst of conversation of some ZEUTH members who were dragged in the situation as him , which they treat him as a hostile.At later time, Asakim meets Aim Liard where Aim Liard tries to steal all Asakim spheres for his own ambitions including defending his own sphere  by using the Jigenju army as a  helping ground to defeat him.Yet He retreats for while,and telling Asakim  that he will return in some days which eventually at the same time,  Asakim reminding him  that he will take Aim sphere at any cost.Then He tells Crowe that his sphere, which is the Sphere of the Trembling Scales (揺れる天秤) has not yet to awaken yet.Then also told him  that He and Crowe were enemies and he left the battlefield.In later Some event, Asakim have once tried to decieve and strike Crowe when unguarded, like his betrayal to Rand and Setsuko. But he was intervered by Crowe comrades .Asakim thus retreated, having lost Crowe's trust, but still operates in the Shadows afterwards. 

In the middle event  of Super Robot Tasien Z2: Saisei Hen,Asakim reappear in the middle of Dimesional Distortion phenomenon which located near The Core Dimensional Gate ZONE(Zodiac of New Energy).He saw that Crow,Ester and Setsuko  was in confusing situation on how to stop the phenomenon.He approach them and stated that this phenomenon can be only stopped by One of the Twelve sphere,which he points that Setsuko must be the one to use her power eventually and the risk effect is that Setsuko would disappear and trapped for a long period of time in order to restore her sphere power inside The ZONE core .And thus Crowe was disagreeing that there should be another way to prevent this situation. In addition, Crowe even tried to volunteering himself in replacing her with his own sphere.However,Setsuko was decided to do it by herself and saying that his sphere have not yet awaken and she said  farewell to Crowe and Ester that the moment of time spending with them was truly satisfying as she use her power and disappeared. While during the event of Rand and Mel used their sphere in order to stop the dimension distortion from the ZONE just like Setsuko. in fact, Crowe was regretting that at first , he decided to use his sphere power in stopping the calamity while he was blocked by one of Ark Sabers knight commander which resulted Rand was the one who stopped the distortion instead of Crowe. After both Rand and his Gunleon disappear from using their power. Meanwhile,Asakim was in other dimension and could sense them that they have use their power and disappear for a moment of time and stated that he knew that they have to do so since the ZONE were unstable and keep reacting at random time.

In a later Event,Crowe and the other ZEXIS Members were mentally and emotionally down due to the effect of a new Jigenju near the Core of Dimensional Gate ZONE which affecting their personal feelings from their past memories. At that time, Asakim showed up, upon seeing their condition, he offers to help them by asking to Crowe whether he accepts or not.However, Crowe intent to refuse yet despite the situation in their complete weak condition which he does not have a choice but to accept his offer.After defeating the new Jigenju is defeated, The Dimension Distortion was occurring again from the ZONE Core ,Which lead Crowe to make a decision using his sphere to stopped.However.he was surprised that Asakim was the one who would use his own sphere power in stopping the disaster.As Asakim step above The Zone Core with his Shurouga, He told Corwe that his sphere is still not ready yet, Its true power will awaken soon at a later time.He also told that those who possess sphere in his soul shall able to get out from The ZONE Core ,once their power have been recovered. Then at the last moment before disappearing ,he added Crowe must do his own journey in order to discover his true sphere power. Then Asakim disappeared in using his power and said that this is a better thing to do. 

During a duel , Aim is about to do some serious damage to Crowe but out of nowhere, Asakim arrives and sneak attacks Aim. Aim retreats and Asakim is about to back-stab Crowe like what he did with Rand .

Super Robot Taisen Z2 Saisei Hen - Vs Exa Adamon & Asakim Dowin

Super Robot Taisen Z2 Saisei Hen - Vs Exa Adamon & Asakim Dowin

In Super Robot Taisen Z2:Saisei Hen, Asakim confronted Aim Liard, holder of one of the Twelve Spheres. Aim Liard holds the Sphere of the False Black Sheep (偽りの黒羊). During the Confrontation, Aim was slashed by Asakim and run through by Uther, who took Aim's sphere.

In  the final Battle, Asakim was to battle against the Three Sphere Holder : Crowe, Rand and Setsuko. However, he was not planning to take their sphere first. Instead, he takes the sphere of one of the twelve Sphere holders, King Uther. Uther was holding the Sphere of the Inexhaustible Water Jug (尽きぬ水瓶) as well as the Sphere of the False Black Sheep When he trying to get the sphere, he was been dragged into the ZONE dimensional core by Uther and seal him into the Dimensional Gate with the power of the Four Spheres by Crowe , Rand and Setsuko including Uther himself . While they succeed, At the Last moment,Uther dies in the process and Asakim receives his Sphere while being sealed for a specific time.

It is revealed that Asakim already possesses at least two Spheres which he got from Aim, the Sphere of the False Black Sheep as well as the Sphere of the Inexhaustible Water Jug.

3rd Super Robot Taisen Z 

Though Asakim didn't appear in Jigoku-hen, he appeared in the Tengoku-hen teaser when he was awakened by Xine which she has the code name of "Queen".


Asakim is a mysterious man who knows what emotion to use in what situation. He is ruthless, callous,charismatic, and sadistic, on a level who will stop at nothing until his objective is accomplished.

When compared to Masaki Andoh, the character he is seemingly based on, Asakim is like the complete opposite of Masaki. Rather than dumb, hotblooded but undeniably heroic character, Asakim is smart,calm,wise, cold hearted,charismatic even sadistic and evil if the situation requires him to be.

Trivia Edit

  • Asakim piloted the mecha Shurouga.
  • Shurouga was designed at the same time as Cybuster and Granzon back in the days. Eventually the latter two got into the story of Mashoukishin as protagonist and antagonist, but the design for Shurouga was scrapped.
  • Shurouga has its own nickname as Iza no Faust.
  • According to Asakim, he and shurouga is cursed to live on forever - anything that kills them will just cause him to be reborn again with all memories intact. He states that it is the sins that he has committed that caused this eternal punishment.
  • It was widely speculated that Asakim and Shurouga are actually Masaki and Cybaster from a parallel World, with a lot of evidences, however it is revealed that Asakim was created by Shurouga which is an equivalent of the Supreme Deity "Z" from a different dimension which was damaged and drifted between dimensions.
    • During Asakim's ultimate attack, there are image flashes which depict a battle between Cybuster and Granzon. It is speculated that, in that timeline, when Cybuster was dueling Granzon, the Granzon was firing the Black Hole Cluster towards the Cybuster yet the Black Hole Cluster itself was different , it contained a black Spell which may destroy the Cybuster. When the Black Hole was fired towards Cybuster, it absorbs the Cybuster into the black abyss as Cybuster was trying to escape, but it was too late. In the Black Abyss of the Black Hole, the Cybuster and Masaki was experiencing a strange phenomenon, the Darkness corrupted both of them, including their appearance and their state (behavior, mental and emotion). Thus, Shurouga and Asakim were born.  As the time pass by, Asakim return into the surface started committing terror upon his time. At some point, Asakim encountered two women, one of them wore black clothes and the other wore white. These two women might be related to Kuro and Shiro which are the familiar of Masaki. In some way, both women perhaps sided with Asakim yet Asakim betrayed them in the end.
    • Shurouga and Cybaster shared quite similarties performing in their techniques even though the some of them are different .
      • ​Raster Edge - Gattling Missile
      • Embrace the Inferno (MAP) - CyFlash (MAP)
      • Dis Calibur - Dis Cutter
      • Tragic Genocider - High Familiar
      • Rumbling Dis Calibur - Dis Cutter Ranbu no Tachi
      • Ray Buster - Akashic Buster
    • Asakim => ASAKI M => M ASAKI => Masaki; Dowin => Do Win => WinDo => Wind (because Cybuster is the Kaze no Masoukishin ).